Produce Boxes

  • Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in transit and upon arrival
  • Input and preview the exact size you need to deliver produce
  • Create a design online and approve before production


Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh with High-Quality Produce Boxes

Produce boxes are essential to keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh and ready to eat upon arrival. Investing in durable and customizable shipping boxes guarantees that every piece of produce is presentable as customers peruse their ingredients.

Make sure that your custom box protects and preserves these time-sensitive items. PrintPlace lets you choose the exact size and add other custom features like cut-outs so that the produce has adequate ventilation. All shipping produce boxes are made of three-layer corrugated cardboard built for long-distance transit. You can personalize other details to create functional produce boxes that showcases your brand in a unique style.

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How to Create the Perfect Produce Boxes for Your Business

Input the exact interior dimensions for your produce deliveries.

Not sure how to get the correct measurements for your shipping boxes? Here’s how to determine the correct interior length, width, and depth so your bulk deliveries are preserved in transit. Be sure to measure from inside the box, as these dimensions can fit all items.

  • Length: measure the package’s longest side horizontally.
  • Width: measure the shorter side of the package horizontally.
  • Depth: take this from the box’s vertical side, starting from the base until the top.
The 3D preview will show how the cardboard produce boxes will appear upon indicating your interior dimensions.

Select a color that is in line with your branding and planned packaging design.

Choose from four colors for your corrugated produce boxes to match the brand image, design, and budget you have in mind:

  • Standard white offers a smooth and bright finish without having to spend extra on a luxurious-looking package. Perfect for designs shipped in bulk quantities and across different locations.
  • Premium white has a little more luster and shine that suits bold color combinations. Recommended for produce brands serving a higher-end market.
  • Premium white with glossy ink highlights a specific element on your produce packaging, such as the company name or logo. Customers will instantly see your name or logo in one glance.
  • Kraft (brown) has a rustic texture that steals attention with its simplicity and understated elegance. It provides a suitable background for straightforward or earthy designs that reflect your product's quality.

Start with a sample shipping box or order produce boxes in wholesale to save on unit prices.

Order one sample box, and we’ll manufacture it based on the submitted design. A single order will be produced faster, only taking between 3 to 5 business days.

If you have a large budget and need to save on bulk printing, check out the discounts available as the order quantity increases. The bigger your order quantity, the bigger the discount for our custom printing services.

Create the design online and preview it in 3D before proceeding to checkout.

After inputting your order specifications on the online calculator, customize your design on the 3D tool. Our intuitive design tool has all the functions for creating the package look from scratch. Add text, combine colors, and find the best shape. You’ll also receive a free PDF proof online before we proceed with production.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Fresh Produce

If you're looking for eco-friendly and sustainable options for your produce, then Kraft boxes are an excellent solution. These are low-impact and made of 60-100% recyclable materials. The natural color of these boxes don’t require printing or processing, so they’re more affordable than other box options. Kraft boxes are also safe enough to store consumable goods and can be reused as an alternative means of storage, which lowers the trash contribution to landfills. Shifting to sustainable packaging not only helps the environment, but it also saves you money and leaves an impression that your business is mindful of its environmental impact.

Have more questions about our printing services? Contact any of your print experts, and they’ll walk you through all the details. Contact our packaging specialists for more information if you need special features for the box that’s not on the online calculator.

Produce Boxes FAQs

How long does it take to manufacture produce boxes?

The standard production time for produce boxes is 10 to 15 business days. Your order will be shipped after this period.

Can I see the produce box design before it’s sent to production?

Yes, you can request a free PDF proof before the design is sent to production. After creating the box design online, go to “Add to Cart” in the upper right corner and select “Send me a PDF proof for approval.” We will only proceed with production upon receiving your online approval of the proof.

Can I upload a file of my produce box to your site?

No, but you can request a dieline template to use as a reference for applying your ready design. The dieline template is a PDF file showing the correct placement for each section of the box design. Using this template ensures your box design is produced accurately and according to the high-quality specifications for packaging.

Is there a minimum quantity for manufacturing custom produce boxes?

No; you can request one sample produce shipping box, and we’ll manufacture it based on your specifications. One sample box takes 3 to 5 business days to produce.

Can I expedite the production of my produce boxes?

Yes, you can shorten the production of your bulk printing order to 6 to 8 business days. Select “Rush Production” on the online calculator to include this option. .