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Holiday Box Packaging

Make a big impression every time packaging is sent as a gift for the holidays. Our various box types, premium printing options, and protective finishes come together to make your brand unforgettable.

Personalized Box Types

Find the perfect form to fit and present your holiday items.

Complete Your Packaging Essentials

Elevate the unboxing experience during the holidays.

Make Each Recipient Feel Extra Special With Beautiful Holiday Gift Box Packaging

The holidays provide ample opportunity for customer retention and expansion. Your gift box packaging will give more people the chance to deliver presents despite the distance. The holiday boxes introduce your brand to a potential new customer while retaining past ones through excellent service.

PrintPlace lets you customize unique holiday box packaging. From the best box type suited for presentation and transit to adding premium printing options that make the experience exclusive to each recipient. Find out how you can maximize each package during the most beautiful time of the year.

How to Personalize Your Custom Holiday Boxes

Find a box that will fit, present, and protect all your items.

Mailer boxes are primarily used for delivering a variety of items. The flat opening lets you stack and organized differently sized products and control how they appear upon unboxing. Its unique presentation makes it the go-to box type for subscription or holiday gift boxes.

Shipping boxes are used to send out a bulk quantity of products. It is delivered pre-glued for faster assembly and fulfillment of large shipments. You can customize the printing to appear on one or both sides. It is highly recommended for anyone sending out more fragile items or large quantities as a grand Christmas gift.

Customize a box design that will instantly bring in the holiday cheer.

Our comprehensive custom box features let you design the interior and exterior of the holiday packaging. From inputting the exact length, width, and depth to choosing a corrugated cardboard material that will introduce your brand accordingly, PrintPlace covers all your bases. Find the perfect backdrop to your festive colors or snow-based holiday design:

  • Standard white corrugated cardboard is an affordable option for packages that need a clean, smooth look—recommended for designs that require a white background and deliver gifts in large quantities.
  • Premium white corrugated cardboard is the best choice for luxury brands. It has a slight luster that establishes high quality and professionalism in one glance.
  • Premium white corrugated cardboard with glossy ink helps highlight distinct design details such as a holiday pattern, a season's greeting, or your brand's name. The glossy ink gives your logo or brand elements extra shine, increasing the likelihood of company association.
  • Kraft (Brown) corrugated cardboard has the rustic, natural color of the box's material. Perfect for companies with a more straightforward, down-to-earth image or a sustainable mission on top of their products.

Don't have a budget for a custom-designed printed box? Print labels you can easily apply on blank boxes. These come in cut-to-size pieces for individual application or rolls for automated placement.

Complete the unboxing experience with personalized and informative packaging inclusions.

  • Show them what else you have to offer. Add brochures to list down what else you can offer the gift recipients in the future. Include a flyer they can easily hang or look at for reference for future discounts. Hang tags also provide special instructions and other details specific to your product. Service-oriented businesses can include a business card with all your contact details.
  • Send out exclusive discounts and promos in a postcard written primarily for the recipient. You can include a handwritten note to make the offer a surprise freebie.
  • Add other freebies such as stickers. Gift givers and recipients alike will appreciate the extra surprise in the package. Create stickers that they can use as decorations on their laptops, notebooks, and other personal items.

Holiday Boxes FAQs

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