Wholesale Gift Boxes

  • Protects a set of items while the box is in transit
  • Print in the exact size for housing various items
  • Preview the box as you create it on a 3D design tool


Customize Wholesale Gift Boxes for VIP Customers

Mark special occasions or treat your VIP customers to an exclusive product line with wholesale gift boxes. Order them in bulk but designed intricately and according to your market’s taste at an affordable price. Our intuitive online calculator lets you choose every detail, from the interior dimensions, the color of sturdy corrugated cardboard, to the printed sides. You can even preview the approximate appearance of the gift box in 3D after inputting your dimensions. No need to worry about your set of gift boxes being too small or too large for the variety of items delivered.

You have full control of the specifications and how your box will come out once printed.

custom printed gift box

Complete Control of How Your Gift Box Packaging is Produced

That’s just the beginning. From there, you can create a design online without having to open an editing program. Select ‘Design Your Mailer Box Online’ and the 3D design tool will load. It lets you add visual and text elements to the exterior and interior of the gift box. The 3D preview updates with every update made with the design tool.

Materials That Protect Your Package In Transit

All bulk gift boxes are printed on sturdy and thick corrugated cardboard. It comes in four options to match the level of luxury or simplicity in your branding:
  • A clean, minimalist finish with standard white corrugated cardboard. This option suits simple yet impactful designs that focus on your logo or a central visual element.
  • Flaunt your high-end items with a classy touch using premium white corrugated cardboard. Perfect for luxury brands or businesses targeting the high-end market.
  • Use premium white corrugated cardboard with glossy ink to highlight specific details on your packaging design, such as a custom message, your logo, or the slogan specific to the featured items.
  • For organic or health-oriented brands, the kraft (brown) corrugated cardboard offers a rustic feel with its color and texture. Perfect for designs with an earth tone palette such as green, maroon, teal, blue, and more.

All corrugated cardboard options are built to withstand the external impact of being in transit. The three layers protect any items from being damaged and keep the box design looking good as new even after multiple handling.

Order 1 Sample Box to Ensure Production Accuracy

Not sure about committing to such a large order? Start with one sample box before you invest in our cheap printing services. We’ll print one mailer gift box in the size, material, and design you sent over. No minimum quantity is required to test your specifications.

Accurately Lay Out Your Print-Ready Design

If you already have a print-ready design, request a dieline template after inputting the specifications. We’ll send a PDF file that shows where to place each element in the box exteriors. This ensures no color, text, or background is cut or inaccurately printed during production.

Have questions about our custom box printing? Our experts will gladly answer your questions through the customer service hotline or via Live Chat. Each agent is trained to give you the right advice and answer all your queries about the available printing services.

Gift Box Packaging FAQs

How soon can I receive my order?

The standard production time for mailer gift boxes is 10 to 15 business days. You can expedite production to 6 to 8 business days for an additional cost. An order of one (1) sample box takes only 3 to 5 business days to print. The boxes will be shipped after the designated production time.

Can I review my gift boxes before it’s printed?

Yes, you can preview the digital PDF proof before it proceeds to print. After creating the design online and selecting “Add to Cart” on the 3D tool, choose “Send me a PDF proof for approval.” After the file goes through our team’s review, we’ll email the corrected file for you to approve. We’ll only proceed with printing once you’ve sent the approval.

Can I add other custom printing features to my gift box design?

Yes, you can include other premium printing features on your box exterior or interior such as:

  • Foil stamping to give your greeting, logo, or company name a metallic shine.
  • Embossing to raise the texture of an image or text, allowing it to stand out against the colored background.
  • Box inserts to ensure differently sized are secured inside the box.
  • Spot UV adds a glossy shine to specific design elements.