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Banner Printing

Banner Printing

Increase your business’ visibility anywhere.

  • Bring to trade shows and conferences
  • Choose from vinyl, mesh, & retractable
  • Easy to set up and take down
Vinyl Banners
Vinyl Banners
  • 13 oz., 15 oz., or mesh vinyl
  • Starts at 2’ x 3’, reach 8’ width
  • Hang with grommets or pole pockets
from $17.50
Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners
  • Choose from 3 standard sizes
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Comes with a stand & travel bag
from $73.32
Mesh Banners
Mesh Banners
  • Withstands windy environments
  • Sizes start at 6’ x 2’
  • Add grommets every 2 feet
from $16.50
Step and Repeat Banners
Step and Repeat Banners
  • Display your brand at events
  • Durable 13 or 15 oz. vinyl
  • Add grommets or pole pockets
from $90.50
X Banner Stands
X Banner Stands
  • Go-to for school and church events
  • Available in the standard 70” x 24”
  • Comes with stand and carrying case
from $65.50
Pole Banners
Pole Banners
  • Tear and water-resistant vinyl
  • Wall or pole mounted banners
  • Select a bracket width
from $17.50
Fabric Banners
Fabric Banners
  • 100% polyester 9 oz. fabric
  • Wrinkle resistant and vibrant print
  • Display w/ grommets or pole pockets
from $13.50
Deluxe Retractable Banners
Deluxe Retractable Banners
  • Polyester or vinyl material
  • Sleek stand w/ polished chrome
  • Single or double-sided printing
from $108.13
Tabletop Banners
Tabletop Banners
  • Water and wrinkle resistant
  • Comes with a stand and base
  • 16” x 11.5” size
from $33.97
Straight Tension Pop-Up Displays
Straight Tension Pop-Up Displays
  • Printed on durable tension fabric
  • Durable 3 lb. aluminum frame
  • Comes with a soft canvas bag
from $312.90
Tension Fabric Banners
Tension Fabric Banners
  • Thick polyester fabric
  • 36" x 90" and 48" x 90"
  • Comes with a soft canvas bag
from $123.58
Curved Tension Pop-Up Displays
Curved Tension Pop-Up Displays
  • Scratch-resistant tension fabric
  • Curved frame for a unique display
  • Add LED lights to your order
from $191.96
Premium Retractable Banners
Premium Retractable Banners
  • Easy assembly in 2 minutes
  • Delivered with a travel bag
  • Add LED lights to stand out
from $168.08
Curved Pop-Up Displays
Curved Pop-Up Displays
  • 90" x 89" and 112" x 89" sizes
  • Velcro attaches fabric to frame
  • 8' frame size
from $202.07

Make a Lasting Impression With Professional Banner Printing

Create a banner that’s built exactly for your upcoming trade show, conference, social event, or outdoor promotions. From mesh vinyl to tabletop banners, PrintPlace lets you choose from several outdoor and indoor friendly display options.

How to Choose a Banner

Outdoor Banners

  • Displays made of weather-resistant vinyl or mesh
  • Pole banners to display in public areas
  • Large sizes that can be seen from afar

Indoor Banners

  • Displays that come with a stand and canvas bag for transport
  • Made of thick, durable fabric or vinyl
  • Retractable or X stand banners that are easy to assemble

Special Display Banners

  • Print multiple logos in a step and repeat banner
  • Curved pop-up displays for exhibits
  • Large sizes you can pack up and assemble

How to Customize Your Banners

Select a size that will attract attention in the banner's display location. A larger size is necessary for fabric banners or curved pop-up displays at trade shows. You can go a little smaller with pole banners but ensure that the text is easy to read.


Retractable and tension fabric banners come in larger sizes so your design stands out in one glance.

Choose a fabric that works in the custom banner's environment.

  • 15 oz. vinyl lasts up to 5 years, the best choice for long-term outdoor use.
  • 13 oz. vinyl lasts between 3 to 5 years and works for either indoor or outdoor displays.
  • Mesh vinyl is tear-resistant in windy environments and viewable from the front and back sides.
  • 13 oz. Poly Film prints your design in high opacity with a smooth white surface on the front and light blocking gray at the back.

Add finishing options to secure the banner's display.

  • Grommets are nickel holes fastened around the corners of the banner. Slip twist ties or screw the banner on the wall on the hole.
  • Pole pockets provide enough space for a pole or rope to go through the banner and carry its heavier weight.
  • Hemming uses heat welding to reinforce the sides. It strengthens the banner's hold for outdoor displays.

Guidelines for Printing Custom Banners

1. All images must be in 300 dpi resolution. Otherwise, your design will appear pixelated or blurry upon printing. Do not enlarge the image or any element on the design to make it fit the frame.

2. Follow the bleed, caution zone, and trim line. The bleed refers to the artwork that will bleed to the edge of the printed piece. Add a 1/8" bleed on all sides so that the edge will still contain the banner's background color.

3. The caution zone refers to the space between the design and the trim line. A 1/8" caution zone is needed on all sides so that the design doesn't appear too close to the edge of the printed piece.

4. The trim line shows where the edge of the artwork will be cut. It is found between the bleed and caution zone.

5. Send or upload a file in PDF, TIF, JPG or EPS format. You can save a file on Adobe Photoshop or InDesign as PDF.

6. Request to review your PDF proof. To ensure the file is correct before printing, choose to review a PDF proof. The proof won't proceed with production until you send an email approval.


Do the banners come with a stand?
You can include a stand with your retractable, step and repeat, and tension fabric banner orders. X banner stands come with a stand by default.

What is the best banner type to display outdoors?
We recommend the following banners for outdoor displays:

  • Vinyl banners
  • Mesh banners
  • Pole banners

Which banners come with LED lights?

Add LED lights to highlight your banner in the following products:

  • Straight tension pop-up displays
  • Tension fabric banners
  • Deluxe retractable banners
  • Premium retractable banners
  • Curved pop-up displays

What is the fasted production time for banner printing?
The production or printing time depends on the banner type. Vinyl banners can be printed in 1 business day, while tension fabric banners take 3 to 5 business days.

The production time represents how long it takes to create your order. It does not include shipping transit time. Check out this article for a detailed explanation on printing times.

When can I expect my order to arrive based on the shipping time?
Your order will arrive based on the printing turnaround and shipping options you chose. Printing turnaround time typically ranges from same day to 7 business days depending on your selection.

Turnaround time starts when you approve your order and select "Send to Press." It includes the printing and packaging time. Your order will then ship immediately following. Shipping time is the FedEx transit time from our shop to your shipping address.

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace

Great customer service, quick turn-around and fair price. Very happy with the product as well. Quality sign.

- Daneane, New York

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace

My banners came fast and were printed with great quality, especially the photos I included in the banner. Stand is easy to assemble.

- Bob, New York

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace

Needed a high-quality retractable banner. A friend suggested we try PrintPlace. We were extremely satisfied.

- Ginger, California