Curved Pop-Up Display

Attract and Sustain Customer Attention With Brilliant Curved Pop-Up Display

Need a background that’s easy to assemble, but doesn’t sacrifice professional printing quality? Curved pop-up display only take a few minutes to put together. Plus they’re portable, which means they can go from place to place easily.

Easy to Attach. Secure Curved Pop-Up Displays.

Create a unique curved trade show display or print a complete exhibition that represents your company. Your high-resolution artwork will be brilliantly displayed using these special features:

  • Extra large display sizes: 112" x 89" & 90" x 89." Both dimensions offer generous widths for multiple images and longer texts.
  • Easy pop-up assembly. Easily expand the frame and attach display fabric.
  • Hook and loop the velcro onto the frame for easy and secure attachment. 
  • Professional printing on elastic, wrinkle-free, and scratch-resistant 8.8 oz. tension fabric. Little to no light passes through the thick material. Fabric is washable for reuse at another event.
  • Optional features include 2 LED lights to highlight your design. The lights, pop-up frame, and fabric banner are all delivered with a carrying bag.

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Curved Pop-Up Display Printing Templates

Use our curved pop-up display templates to format your artwork in your preferred size. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each display size below: