Metallic Sticker Printing

Stickers That Help You Shine

Watch your stickers come to life with metallic sticker printing. This process leaves a layer of silver ink before applying the rest of the colors. It results in stickers that are brighter and shinier than your average sticker.

Metallic stickers, unlike foil stickers, can use a wide range of colors. They even work if you have gradient colors in your design.

Paper You Can Depend On

Our metallic stickers are printed on High Gloss, UV Coated White Paper Sticker. They are not waterproof but can hold its own against moisture. They can adhere to almost any surface, making them the ideal material for sticking your brand on bottles, jars, food containers, wrappers, or any other product packaging.

A Glossy Finish

Metallic stickers have a high-gloss UV coating that protects your stickers from fingerprints and dust. And as the name implies, high-gloss UV leaves a sheen that enhances your stickers colors and makes them more reflective.

The Perfect Size

There are two shapes to choose from – square and rectangle. With each shape comes a number of size options (with 2” x 2” being the most popular). No matter how big or small your packaging is, there’s a size that’ll fit perfectly.


How will my stickers arrive?

They will be delivered boxed and individually cut, with an easily peelable paper backing.

Are metallic stickers waterproof?

No. They are, however, moisture-resistant.

Can you explain what turnaround means?

It refers to the number of business days it takes to print your custom stickers. Shipping time is not included.

What’s the most popular metallic sticker shape?

Most of our customers prefer square stickers.

Metallic Sticker Templates

Our Metallic Sticker layout templates will help you properly create your design. They show you the exact size your artwork should be to print with a professional look. They can be downloaded through a desktop PC in AI, PSD, PDF, or JPG formats conveniently combined into one .zip file.

View Metallic Stickers Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Why Should You Print Personalized Stickers?

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to utilize every advantage they can get in order to stand out. Metallic sticker printing can help you with that. Your product packaging can now have a focal point that helps improve brand recall with customers.

Here are a few tips that can help you come up with the best metallic stickers for your business.

  • Use Loud Colors – Metallic ink does wonders to bright colors. Use the right colors to bring your stickers to life.
  • Keep It Simple – A cluttered sticker design will only confuse your customers. Use as little text as possible. Be more direct.
  • Use High-Resolution – Low-resolution images will make your design blurry during printing.