Self-Care Subscription Boxes

  • Offer at home luxury in a personalized mailer box
  • Start with a sample or order in bulk for discounts
  • Customize your design online with our 3D preview tool


Customize Self-Care Subscription Boxes Unique to Your Brand

The global pandemic has heightened people's needs for different items, especially at the pandemic's start. According to a Recurly Research study, the consumer goods and e-commerce industry experienced the highest growth in new subscriptions earlier in 2020 at 146%. The numbers show there is a market in gaining and retaining new customers for self-care subscription boxes. More than half (55%) of subscription box consumers said they signed up for regular service in 2020 because they needed cheering up or wanted to treat themselves.

The pandemic has produced hungry shoppers and consumers who are seeking ways to prioritize their mental health at home. Your self-care subscription boxes provide such a service, so it's essential for your branding to stand out online and upon arriving at your customer's doorstep. Here's how UPrinting helps you add the best details and stay memorable until after the unboxing stage.

Self-Care Subscription Box

The Benefits of Personalized Subscription Box Packaging

Generic messages get you nowhere. Every image, word, sentence, and color on your self-care subscription boxes should tell the brand's story while speaking to your customer's needs. Once you have laid out the packaging's look and feel, you can utilize our online calculator and design tool to complete it.

Captivating visuals customers can associate with your business.

Showcase your logo and company name tastefully on the self-care subscription box cover. These elements help identify your order and increase associations customers will make with the branding elements.

Durable materials, the exact custom size, and luxurious colors you can combine for your design.

Make sure parents and children read all the essential instructions on how to use the educational subscription box. Personalize their box with a greeting with their name or an unforgettable line, so they get excited to open the box. You can also include a few pointers or guidelines on the inside cover.

Include inserts to secure the smaller or more delicate items that they need to build or use.

Indicate the precise size you need based on the wide range of dimensions available. The online calculator will preview the box's likely appearance for your reference.

After inputting the correct interior dimensions, choose from several sturdy corrugated cardboard materials built for long-term transit. Options come in luxurious premium white or the smooth and more affordable standard white. If your brand has a more down-to-earth approach, the Kraft (brown) is also available.

Additional options that protect and present the items your customers are looking forward to using.

Make sure all products stay intact and don't spill during transit. You can add box inserts in the shape of your self-care items. The inserts ensure that the container doesn't break while also presenting your product line with extra luxury in mind. Contact our box specialists to get a quote for self-care subscription boxes with inserts.

An online 3D tool that lets you build and preview your care packaging from scratch.

Use files you have on hand and combine them seamlessly using our online design tool. Our 3D designer shows a flat layout of the package, along with the three-dimensional preview with each update. The menu includes color choices, add text or images, and various shapes you can edit.

A thorough review from our pre-press team.

All submitted designs go through a comprehensive 33-point review from our pre-press team. From reviewing the artwork resolution, confirming the size, reviewing color levels, checking the bleed and other guidelines, to the quality assurance stage, the team misses no errors before your box goes to production. They'll immediately inform you if any changes need to be made and ensure your subscription box packaging comes out of the highest quality.

Create unique and unforgettable self-care subscription boxes customers will appreciate today. Choose from high-quality features on the online calculator and finalize the look online using the 3D design tool.

Self-Care Subscription Boxes FAQs

Is there a minimum quantity to order subscription box packaging?

No, you can order 1 sample subscription mailer box, and we'll manufacture it based on your specifications. Producing one subscription box has the fastest turnaround time of 3 to 5 business days.

How long does it take to manufacture self-care subscription boxes?

A large, bulk order of subscription mailer boxes has a standard production time of 15 to 20 business days.

Is there a faster production time for my subscription box packaging?

If you need a quicker manufacturing period, select "Expedite Production" and it will only take 6 to 8 business days.

Can I upload a file of my subscription box's design?

No, but you can request a dieline template. Select "Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template," and we'll send a PDF file of your flat box layout. The template shows the accurate positions of each section on your subscription box.

Can I review the box design before it's sent to production?

Yes, you'll receive a free online PDF if you select "Send me a PDF proof for approval" after clicking "Add to Cart" on the 3D online design tool. We'll email the PDF proof and only proceed with production after you've approved it online. Note that requesting an online PDF proof may delay the shipping of your subscription box packaging.