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Folding Cartons

  • A sleek way to showcase your different items
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight cardstock
  • Protective coatings to elevate your design

Custom Cardstock Boxes & Folding Cartons

Pull customers in and push them to a final sale with beautiful product boxes.

Find the Best Folding Carton Packaging for Your Products

Distinguish your items in luxurious folding cartons. These easy-to-assemble boxes are lightweight enough to carry but sturdy enough to hold their ground in-store displays. Our online tools offer a wide range of choices you can combine to create the perfect product box. Input the interior dimensions that will fit your item and add a protective coating that will highlight your product in one glance. The 3D design tool lets you create a completely new design based on your indicated specifications. Here’s how you can find the perfect fit and bring your folded cartons to completion.

How to Create the Perfect Folding Cartons Solution

Select the most suitable product box type.

  • Product boxes are the general form for anything from accessories, small gadgets, storage items, to cutlery.
  • Candle boxes are normally wider or taller, depending on the size of the item. These usually come in thicker cardstock to protect the more fragile builds.
  • Cosmetic boxes house skincare and makeup items like facial wash, creams, eyeliner pencils, lipsticks, and eyeshadow. These are normally cardstock boxes that showcase the brand design and relay important information about the product.

Input the accurate dimensions.

Getting the interior dimensions of your folding cartons saves time, money, and effort. Be sure to enter the inside length, width, and depth so that the product boxes will fit the product snugly. Anything too large could incur additional charges in your shipping costs.

Zone in on what you want to highlight and choose a coating that will do just that.

Your box needs to stand out from afar and the three protective coatings help you do just that:

  • Glossy brings out a shine and glows to bright colors. Perfect for brilliant neon palettes or dark hues combined with lighter shades.
  • Matte has an elegant, understated finish that suits pastel palettes or neutral tones. Highly recommended for designs that have lengthy text or lists of ingredients.
  • The high gloss has the most reflective shine and works best for detailed box designs.

Choose a material that will showcase and protect the item.

Product boxes do more than present the item on display. They also hold valuable information on the product, while also protecting it during transit. The thicker 18 pt. and 24 pt. cardstock is recommended for bulkier or fragile products. Smaller, lightweight items are best encased in 14 pt. cardstock.

Have questions about our custom printing services? Talk to any of our print experts and they’ll discuss the best options for your business. At PrintPlace, we assure customers of quality custom printing and customer service.

Folding Cartons FAQs

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