Food Subscription Boxes

  • Ensure safe and fresh deliveries of your food sets or ingredients
  • Customize the size, features, and design on the box packaging
  • Create a design from scratch online and preview it in 3D


Create an Unforgettable Experience with Food Subscription Boxes

Whether you’re delivering specialty coffee, cuisine meal kits, curated cheese, or the best wines for the holidays, food subscription boxes offer a delicious experience without having to leave the safety of one’s home. Stand out from the competition with unique ingredients or components that tell a story. Send out meals they can prep at home but enjoy as if prepared in the cuisine’s country of origin. You could also deliver boxes with various monthly themes such as sweet tooth snacks, wild cocktails for a party, to nostalgic eats from a 90s childhood.

Whatever experience you bring to the table, the subscription box packaging adds to the customer’s excitement of receiving their order. Make sure to deliver each meal or set it in a mailer box that keeps all components safe and fresh. Not sure where to begin when it comes to packaging design? Here’s a guide on creating a design that will keep the food fresh and presentable upon opening.

custom printed subscription box

How to Create a Unique Experience with Your Subscription Box Packaging

Visualize how the customer will see the items upon opening the box.

Do you want them to see all components or products all at once? Or will they be covered in wrapping paper or bubble wrap to build more excitement? After listing all the items in your food subscription box, sketch how they’ll appear once customers have opened the mailer box. Organize the package to showcase your offerings while also ensuring you protect each product or ingredient from damage during transit. For fragile items like bottles, you can place them inside custom inserts.

Accurately measure for the interior of the food subscription box.

Be sure to measure for the package’s interior dimensions. Avoid approximating for the exterior as these dimensions don’t account for the box’s inside capacity. Add an extra allowance for other packaging accessories or prevent the edges of bottles or containers from breaking while in transit.

Design the exterior and interior of the food subscription box.

Use the box to tell your food’s story. For meal kits or ingredients sets, you can print a recipe at the back of the front flap. Curated cheese, coffee, wine, or beverage subscriptions can list and define the delivered items at the side of the box. Make sure all the text is clear and readable.

The 3D online designer helps you put the package look together and preview its likely appearance upon production. It lets you upload images, add and edit text, combine shapes, and experiment with different colors for both sides of the box.

A Quick Guide to Packaging

Use pouches to separate various components. If the box contains multiple meals, try individually packing ingredients in small pouches to make it look more organized. This saves your customers from having to sort and identify the correct ingredients for every meal.

Be mindful of temperature control. Delivering fresh food is important for both health and your brand’s reputation, therefore not only should the time in transit be considered, but also from the moment the box is packed to the time a customer is expected to receive it. There are instances when the customer works late so the box won't be received on time, or there could be a delay in transit – which could take a whole day later.

Add a personal touch with paper products. Use flyers, postcards, stickers, or any other paper product to add your brand's individual style in the subscription box. You can print out a recipe, leave a thank you message, give instructions or inform about special offers to keep your customers engaged with your products.

Have more questions about our custom printing services? Get in touch with our experts, and they’ll walk you through the details. If you need any personalization but can’t find it on the mailer box page, our custom box specialists will provide a quote for reference. Explore what you can create with your food subscription boxes today.

Food Subscription Boxes FAQs

Is there a minimum quantity to qualify for an order?

No, you can order 1 sample, and we’ll produce it based on your submitted design. A single box takes between 3 to 5 business days in production before shipping it to your address.

How long does it take to produce subscription boxes?

The standard production time for bulk printing orders is between 10 to 15 business days.

Can I expedite the production of the subscription boxes?

Yes, you can expedite output between 6 to 8 business days at a small, additional cost. Select “Expedite Production” on the online calculator for this option.

Can I review the design before it’s sent to production?

Yes, you can request a free PDF proof, and we’ll send it online for your approval. After completing the subscription box packaging design on the tool, go to “Add to Cart” and choose “Send me a PDF proof for approval” from the pop-up window. Production will only begin once you’ve sent approval for the file.