Medical Stickers & Labels

  • Customize designs for hand sanitizers, medicines, & samples
  • Print on waterproof & oil-resistant materials like vinyl & BOPP
  • Create shipping labels for medical essentials
  • Order in standard shapes and save on bulk orders

Medical Stickers and Labels

Choose the right shape, size, and finish for your medical product or sample.

Hand Sanitizer Label

Hand Sanitizer Label

  • Choose from 4 shapes
  • Waterproof vinyl paper
  • Gloss, matte, or high gloss

Shipping and Mailing Labels

Shipping and Mailing Labels

  • Cut-to-size or roll format
  • Variety of sizes for each shape
  • Outdoor friendly materials

Medical Labels

Medical Labels

  • Customize the size and shape
  • Comes in waterproof vinyl
  • Print in cut-to-size or roll

Medical Stickers

Medical Stickers

  • Indoor and outdoor materials
  • Self-adhesive sticks anywhere
  • Square, rectangle, circle, & oval

Health and Safety Stickers

Health and Safety Stickers

  • Print safety & health warnings
  • Four shapes & various sizes
  • Protective coating options

Medical Response Team Stickers

Medical Response Team Stickers

  • Print stickers for medical teams
  • Choose the correct size & shape
  • Durable materials such as vinyl

Customize Medical Stickers and Labels for Your Hospital and Clinical Needs

Create medical stickers and labels that will help streamline and organize the turnover of information among healthcare professionals. Print labels for pharmaceutical products, laboratory sample containers, and healthcare equipment. Provide medical stickers for your first responder teams. Print health and safety warnings you can stick on a wall for doctors, nurses, and patients alike to note in your hospital.

At PrintPlace, you can customize these stickers and labels according to your design. Choose from four standard shapes, each of which comes in over 10 sizes. Your designs last on indoor or outdoor-friendly materials. All of which stick permanently on practically any surface.

How to Choose the Correct Medical Stickers and Labels

Do you need a sticker or a label?
A sticker can be applied on almost any surface. It is not necessarily fit for an exact container and the recipient is free to apply it where they wish. You can customize medical stickers for your staff to apply on their items or around their office.

Medical labels, on the other hand, are customized according to their purpose. These are normally seen on medical products, laboratory samples, and hospital equipment. You can choose the correct size and shape that fits the item it will be applied on. The standard square and rectangle are available in over 10 dimensions each. Circle and oval come in four standard sizes.

Is the label specific to a product or application?
Design hand sanitizer labels if you’re catching up to its demand during this pandemic. Make sure it contains the FDA-required information on your manufactured hand sanitizer. The FDA has provided temporary guidelines for manufacturers who are not licensed or registered with the FA but have the means to produce alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Shipping and mailing labels are perfect for pharmaceuticals that are delivering medicine orders to seniors or other vulnerable individuals. You can print in cut-to-size if applying by hand or in roll for large quantities that are placed with a label gun.

Are you displaying the stickers for people to read or see?
Customize medical stickers or print health and safety stickers that can be placed around your facility. To prevent spread and contamination, you can order a sticker that says, “Notice Gown, Gloves, and Mask required in this room” or “Caution PPEs required beyond this point.” You can print on durable, waterproof, and oil-resistant vinyl or BOPP to ensure the signs last.

Medical Stickers and Labels FAQs

Q: Can I choose custom size and shape for my medical stickers and labels?
A: If your sticker or label’s size isn’t listed among the available dimensions, you can go to the “Roll” tab on the online calculator. Select “Custom” as your shape and the online calculator will provide a larger range of widths and heights to combine.

Q: What is the difference between cut-to-size and roll labels and stickers?
A: Cut-to-size labels and stickers are delivered in individual pieces. They are usually applied by hand. You can order a set to apply on samples, equipment, medical products, and other means of communication in the hospital.

Roll stickers and labels are applied on quantities above 250. They are applied to bulk items such as medicines and packages. Each roll can fit in a standard label gun.

Q: What is the recommended material for samples or medicines that will be refrigerated?
A: BOPP is available for roll labels and stickers. This oil resistant and waterproof material is built for storage in a refrigerator.

If you need a writable surface, we recommend the textured materials that come uncoated by default.

Q: Can I download print-ready designs and have you print them?
A: Yes, you can download any of the design templates below. Save them to your computer before uploading to your choice of medical stickers and labels. All templates come with the necessary guidelines and settings to qualify for printing.

Q: I have a preferred file format for my labels and stickers but don’t know how to set the guidelines. Are there layout templates I can download and edit on my preferred editing software?
A: Yes, you can visit the “Layout Templates” tab on each of the product pages. Download any of the sizes available and a ZIP file with the following formats will be saved to your computer: AI, JPG, PDF, PSD, and PUB.

Q: How soon can I receive my order?
A: You can check the shipping estimate of your order at the bottom of the online calculator. Select “Get Shipping Estimate” and input your ZIP code to find out the transit times and date of arrival.

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Free COVID-19 Design Templates

Need to print medical stickers and labels around your office, production site or kitchen ASAP? Download any of these free communication resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These informative posters can remind staff about the symptoms of COVID-19, how to prevent the spread of germs, and other important guidelines about the disease. Check out this page for more information.

For more ready-to-print designs, visit our Design Templates page.