Door Stickers

  • Customize in any size and shape to fit your door
  • Print in individual cut-to-size or several rolls
  • Comes in waterproof materials like vinyl & BOPP

Customize Door Stickers for Your Business

Personalize every detail, from the size, shape, to finish.

Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

  • 4 standard shapes
  • Standard & custom sizes
  • Protective coatings

Print Bulk Stickers

Bulk Stickers

  • Cheap, large quantities
  • Durable materials
  • Cut-to-size and roll

Print Business Stickers

Business Stickers

  • Print your name or logo
  • Permanent adhesive
  • 4 shapes & custom sizes

Welcome Customers Into Your Space With Personalized Door Stickers

Create door stickers that welcome customers to your store. Customize every important detail, such as choosing the correct size and shape to fit your entrance and much more. Full-color printing available in various materials that can withstand indoor and outdoor elements. Upload your file today and you can review a free online PDF proof to ensure accuracy before printing. Here’s how you can narrow down the best features for your decorative entrance.

Select the best format for your stickers based on size, shape, and material.
All custom stickers come in two formats: cut-to-size and roll. Both let you choose from several sizes for square, rectangle, circle, and oval shapes.

Cut-to-size is delivered in individual cuts that you can bundle in sets of 50 pieces. Recommended for order quantities that are below 100. Apart from quantity, you can choose this sticker format based on the available materials below:
  • White paper sticker is primarily used indoors. It has no waterproof properties, so it’s recommended for warnings or signs placed on doors inside your store.
  • The white vinyl sticker comes in protective and extra shiny high gloss that shields from UV light, water, and other outdoor elements. Perfect for door sticker designs that welcome your customers from your storefront.

Roll stickers come in 3” diameter rolls usually printed for quantities above 250 pieces. Custom sizes are available in standard dimensions that do not fit your design. The width range goes from 0.5” to 6”, while the height is between 0.5” and 12”.

You can also print rolls in outdoor-friendly vinyl and indoor white premium stickers. But there are also two other materials built for exposure to oil and moisture:
  • BOPP – Comes in white, clear, or silver. Made of durable, waterproof material suited for your refrigerator or freezer door displays. Perfect for displays exposed to oil and water.
  • Textured – Choose between a writable, uncoated surface or a protective matte coating. Suitable for door stickers that need a rustic-like look. Display indoors for stickers that are temporarily exposed to moisture. Note that it is not oil and chemical resistant.

Feature combinations for different orders come at affordable rates. The larger your order quantity, the lower you spend on each sticker. Talk to any of our print experts for more details.

How to Order Your Door Stickers

Choose from three ways to start creating and printing your sticker design:
  1. Have a print-ready file you need in 1 business day? Upload it on our online calculator today and it’ll be ready for shipping a day after confirming your order.
  2. Still planning your door sticker design? Our online design tool helps you create it from scratch. So easy to use straight from your browser, you can add images, colors, and text according to the size and shape selected on the online calculator.
  3. Prefer to use another design editing app? Download any of the available files in the “Layout Templates” tab. You can download a ZIP file with templates in EPS, JPG, and PDF to your computer. Each file contains a guide for the correct caution, trim, and bleed lines for your door stickers.
  4. You may request for a free PDF proof to review and approve before we proceed to print. Select “I need a PDF proof” after uploading your file or creating your design online. If you’re confident the file is print-ready, select “I don’t need a proof” under “Proofing Options.” Our team of print experts will perform a thorough file check to ensure there are no technical errors before printing.

Door Stickers FAQs

Q: What is a good door sticker size?
A: The size will depend on the length and width of the surface it’s applied on. Standard sizes are available for the four shapes, but you can also choose from several custom dimensions under roll stickers.

Q: Can I remove and reposition the door stickers?
A: All door sticker materials permanently adhere to the surface it’s applied on. If you are applying a temporary display, we suggest printing window clings. These are made of static cling that requires no adhesive upon application on a surface. They’re also removable and repositionable.

Q: Are custom shapes available and how can I set them up?
A: Yes, custom shapes are available under custom roll stickers. Select “Custom Size” as your shape. The online calculator will show several sizes you can combine under width and height.

Q: What are the bleed requirements for a door sticker file?
A: Below are the guidelines to keep in mind while creating your sticker design:
  • Caution is the area for all important text and images.
  • Trim is the line we cut to get the desired size. Make sure not detail extends until here, otherwise, it will come out incomplete once printed.
  • Bleed is the allowance placed for your background color or images. Extend the background color or image until here to ensure no details are cut off in the final print.

Q: Are your door stickers recommended for indoor and outdoor use?
A: The white vinyl stickers are recommended for outdoor use. White premium sticker works best indoors, while BOPP and textured materials work for interiors exposed to water.

Free Downloadable Print Templates

Our print geeks have put together these free, ready-to-print templates you can use for your business. You can add your logo, change the text, and we’ll get it printed and on its way to you.

For more ready-to-print designs, visit our Print Templates page.