Warning Signs

Display safety regulations and sanitation guidelines in the workplace.
  • Print in a variety of small, medium, and large sizes
  • Outdoor and indoor friendly materials available
  • Create a design online or download a print template

Warning and Safety Signs

Create warning and safety signs to ensure everyone’s well-being in your store, facility, or office.

Hand Washing Signs

Hand Washing Signs

  • 12 standard sizes
  • Sturdy cardstock choices
  • Same day printing

Safety Signs

Safety Signs

  • Big & small sizes
  • Protective coatings
  • Save more w/ bulk orders

Notice Signs

Notice Signs

  • 5 large sizes available
  • Water-resistant material
  • Order up to 50 signs

Promote Important Health and Sanitation Guidelines With Safety and Warning Signs

Display safety and warning signs to ensure the public’s safety. Print handwashing instructions in bathrooms or provide specific guidelines for social distancing in manufacturing facilities. Provide accurate information about COVID-19 symptoms and protective measures through to inform customers at the clinic, pharmacy, or grocery. Create handwashing signs that will effectively assure everyone of their safety and remind them how they can contribute to protecting themselves and others. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials so all the necessary information is displayed clearly and correctly.

How to Follow the Correct Format for Safety Signs

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires three standards for all accident prevention signs. They need to contain the following elements:
1. Signal words and safety headers
Some examples include danger, caution, notice, and safety instructions. These word headers are classified according to the potential hazard’s seriousness.

Direct statements quickly and directly inform every one of the hazard involved.

2. Safety symbols
Symbols or pictograms show the necessary precaution or hazard quickly and visually. It does not depend on a specific language to get the point across. The four symbol types are:
  • Prohibition – Red circle with a diagonal bar
  • Informational – Square or rectangle with a specific color. Green to inform about a safe condition, red to communicate fire safety.
  • Hazard alert or warning – An equilateral yellow triangle with a black contrast.
  • Mandatory action is in the shape of a blue circle with a white contrast.

After identifying the correct symbol type, your warning sign must clearly identify the hazard, a means to avoid the said hazard or the consequences of not avoiding the hazard. This ensures compliance to your safety sign.

3. Sign Legends
To alert readers of the hazard or policy displayed in the sign. The legends ensure accuracy in communicating the said alert.

Below is a sign format based on the ANSI standards:
ANSI standards

Have specific questions about poster printing for warning and safety guidelines? Contact our print experts today. They’ll be glad to answer all your questions, walk you through other safety sign options, such as banners and aluminum warning signs.

OSHA-Compliant Safety and Warning Signs

Manufacturing facilities need different signs to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulation requirements. These are necessary to keep employees and visitors protected and equipped with the correct information for their safety.

First aid signs show the location of first aid equipment and supplies. Other signs include where to go to wash your eyes, conduct safety showers, and seek first aid.

Personal protection signs remind both visitors and employees they are required to wear the correct PPE to enter a danger zone. You can create PPE reminder signs to show the necessary protection for eyes, ears, and feet.

Hazardous area signs are normally displayed with your facility’s personal protection signs. Warn individuals about which areas have potential hazards and the necessary safety practices for their protection. Some warning examples are hot signs to indicate extreme heat or radiation signs for said sectors.

Machine and equipment signs inform and alert employees of any danger when operating machinery in your facility. For their protection, these signs inform your staff about broken equipment that can’t be used or potential resulting injuries.

Notice signs are essential for keeping the public informed about important instructions in your store or kitchen facility. Use signs to communicate specific social distancing instructions, how or when to wash hands, and other important safety procedures.

Restricted area signs prevent unauthorized individuals from entering a private section of your facility.

Looking for informational posters you can easily display in your store or production facility? Download these free COVID-19 design templates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The posters include accurate information about the virus, its symptoms, and preventive measures such as hand-washing instructions. Upload your selected files and we’ll print warning signs on the same business day.

Warning and Safety Signs FAQs

Q: What do the colors on the warning signs mean?
A: The following colors are used to indicate specific meanings on warning signs:
  1. Red refers to prohibition signs such as “Danger,” “Emergency”, and fire signs.
  2. Yellow indicates warning signs such as “Caution” or to warn about a specific hazard or risk.
  3. Blue is used to communicate mandatory instructions. Works best on designs for custom hand-washing signs.
  4. Green indicates a safe condition such as “No Danger” and “Safe.”
  5. Black is used to communicate general information.

Q: What are the standard sizes for warning signs?
A: Yes. Medium sized signs are printed in 18” x 24” dimensions. This size is suitable for lengthier text or graphic-centric safety or warning signs.

The 16” x 20” is normally used for smaller sizes. Perfect for straightforward warning signs around your facility.

The 24” x 36” is the go-to size for larger posters.

Q: What materials are the warning signs made of?
A: You can print poster signs in white PVC board or 20 mil. styrene.

White PVC board has a thickness of 1/8” and a rigidity that adds to its durability. It is waterproof and resists fading when displayed outdoors.

The 20 mil. styrene material is also durable but more lightweight compared to PVC board. It can be rolled easily for storage and future use. While 20 mil. styrene is also waterproof it is recommended for indoor use. But it can be displayed temporarily outdoors.

Q: How durable are the safety signs?
A: White PVC board is thick and rigid enough to withstand various weather conditions and exposure to water.

Among the bulk poster printing options, 16 pt. cardstock is the thickest and sturdiest option available. You can also add protective matte to make the text readable or gloss coating, so colors come out bright from afar.

Free COVID-19 Design Templates

Need to display safety posters around your office, production site or kitchen ASAP? Download any of these free communication resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These informative posters can remind staff about the symptoms of COVID-19, how to prevent the spread of germs, and other important guidelines about the disease. Check out this page for more information.

For more ready-to-print designs, visit our Design Templates page.