Bulk Posters

  • Affordable, high-quality for hundreds to thousands of posters
  • 12 standard sizes printed on sturdy paper and cardstock
  • Same-day/1-business-day printing for rush orders


Broaden Your Market With Bulk Poster Printing

Ramp up the promotions for new product launches, promotional sales, or special services with bulk poster printing. Print in large quantities without compromising the high-quality of each piece. Choose from several durable paper and cardstock that include protective gloss, high gloss, or matte laminate that elevates your design. You’ll end up with posters worth displaying at community center bulletin boards, across your different store or restaurant branches, and at public transportation stops.

How to Create Custom Bulk Posters

bulk posters for conferences and events
bulk posters for restaurants
bulk posters for hand washing

A Variety of Sturdy Paper or Cardstock

  • 100 lb. paper is the thickest and sturdiest paper stock available. This option is slightly thicker than a standard magazine cover.
  • 10 pt. cardstock is the most lightweight among the cardstock choices. This is suited for double-sided printing or for a poster that will be displayed in indoor areas.
  • 14 pt. cardstock is the standard material normally seen on business cards or promotional postcards. Recommended for posters that will be displayed permanently indoors and temporarily outdoors. Best printed in gloss on one side, but also comes with an uncoated back.
  • 16 pt. cardstock provides a little extra weight to the printed material. Recommended for poster designs that will have a gloss or high gloss coating on either or both sides.

Several Small, Medium to Large Standard Sizes

The available poster dimensions range from the standard letter size of 8.5” x 11” to several medium options from 18” x 24” to 22” x 28”. These are recommended for smaller display areas like a community bulletin board.

The largest poster sizes start at 25” x 39, 27” x 19”, to 27” x 39”. Display the big posters at public areas like bus stops or subway stations.

Three Protective Coatings to Enhance Your Brand’s Message

  • Matte gives your poster a satin-like feel that’s perfect for text-heavy designs. With the least glare out of all the coatings, everything comes out easy to read and look at.
  • Gloss provides a bright shine that suits bold colors. It also allows images to pop and stand out from afar. The fingerprint-resistant feature makes it suitable for posters distributed across different locations.
  • The high gloss has the highest reflectivity and shines among the coatings. Highly recommended for large, high-resolution posters with detailed images and bright colors. This coating also protects against frequent handling.

Have more questions about our cheap bulk poster printing services? Contact any of our print experts and they’ll gladly walk you through all the details. Call them any time between 7 am to 8 pm CT from Monday to Friday.

Design and Order Bulk Posters in Wholesale

PrintPlace makes it easy for you to upload or create a poster design.

Upload a print-ready artwork.

Have a file ready for production? Select “Upload Now” at the bottom of the online calculator. PDF is the preferred file format but you can also upload in JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, or EPS.

After uploading the file, select “I need a PDF proof” under the Proofing Options to approve the poster online. This ensures you preview the artwork before printing and gives time for communicating any major changes before production. We will only print the PDF proof after you’ve sent the approval online.

Use the intuitive online design tool.

Not familiar with editing programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher? Use the online design tool to create your poster design straight on your browser. Select “Design Online” at the bottom of the online calculator to access this tool.

Download a template for your preferred editing program.

Have a go-to editing software but need a few print guidelines while creating your poster? Head to the Layout Templates tab on the poster page and select the format you need based on your chosen size. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, and JPEG are all available in this tab.

Wholesale Poster Printing FAQs

What is the minimum quantity?

You can order a minimum quantity of 25 pieces for your custom printing order.

Will I save more per piece if I buy posters in bulk?

Yes, a larger quantity order will lower the cost per poster. If you buy posters in bulk, then you end up spending less for each piece. A wholesale order is recommended for customers distributing posters across multiple locations.

What is the best material for bulk poster printing?

The best material will depend on the features you require and the budget you’re working under. The 100 lb. paper is the most affordable option and is slightly thicker than the usual paper stock. However, it is not as thick as the available cardstock options.

The 10 pt. cardstock is the cheapest for the thicker materials. But if you’re willing to pay a little more, the 14 pt. and 16 pt. offer extra weight and durability.

Do you offer custom sizes?

No, but you can choose from 12 standard poster sizes. If you need specific dimensions for your order, check out the Custom Printing page.