QR Code Stickers

QR Code Stickers: Bridging Your Brand From Print to the Digital Space

As customers become more tech-savvy and our mobile phones an extension of our lives, it makes strategic sense to enhance their experience with your brand by integrating technology with your day-to-day marketing efforts.

QR code stickers lets you share more information about your brand or your company in a charming yet functional way while directing customers to your e-commerce site or social media spaces to further engagement.

Scan Our List of Customization Options

Our QR code stickers are versatile and can serve multiple purposes. You can use them to enhance your customers' unboxing experience by attaching them to your packaging. You can even distribute them as freebies at trade shows, include them in media kits, or use them as an alternative to product labels.

The execution is totally up to you, but first, here’s a list of specs you can customize when you order your QR code stickers from PrintPlace:

Made to Last, Just Like Your Brand

Our QR code stickers are made with weatherproof white vinyl sticker paper which means they can resist moisture and are great for both outdoor and indoor use. You can also create custom shapes depending on your artwork, or stick to standard figures, including circle, oval, rectangle, starburst, and arch.

Size Matters

Aside from custom shapes, you can also be specific with your preferred dimensions or use any of our preset sizes. For reference, our standard QR code sticker sizes start at 1.5” x 2.5” and can go as big as 18” x 12”.

An Extra Shine Goes a Long Way

Our QR code stickers can be further customized by printing your information in high gloss white r sticker paper or uncoated sticker paper. If you want to add an extra oomph to your order, you can opt for gloss, matte, or high gloss UV coatings and add a layer of sophistication to your QR code stickers.

Fast Turnaround Times

At Print Place, we value the currency that is your time, so we’ll help you get your orders in as early as one (1) business day. If you’re not in a hurry, you can choose a turnaround time of up to five (5) business days.

Frequently Asked Questions about QR Code Stickers

Where in the sticker should I include my QR code?

If you are designing a product label or a big sticker, you can include a QR code next to your artwork. We strongly recommend that you test your QR code and ensure that it’s working before adding it to the design and printing the stickers.

Can I use my own sticker design?

Yes! You can submit your own print-ready file and we’ll print your stickers for you according to your preferred size and shape. We also recommend that you generate your QR code, test it, and double-check it to ensure that it redirects to your intended page before finalizing your artwork.

Can I print on both sides of the stickers?

Unfortunately, we can only print on the front side of the sticker which means the back of the sticker will be blank.

Can I print custom shaped QR code stickers?

Absolutely. You can create a specific shape for your QR code stickers, and we’ll print it for you in the size you prefer.

Will the QR code sticker leave a residue when I remove it?

It is possible for white vinyl stickers to leave a residue as the adhesive tends to permanently adhere to any surface.

Design Your QR Code Stickers With Our Free Templates

Whether you’re new at sticker design or looking for inspiration, we got you covered. Our free design templates are ready for download and are available in EPS, PDF, and JPG formats which you can use with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

View Sticker Singles or Roll Stickers Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

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