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An easy way to create an unforgettable custom business card.

  • Attractive skinny business cards
  • Thick 14 pt. cardstock or extra thick 16 pt. cardstock
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"We sell at local farmers markets and bazaars. I am astonished at the number of people who take a card and get in touch with us via that exposure…Prior to PrintPlace I was printing business cards at home. The difference is night and day. Thank you for a wonderful and professional product!"

Amy Nicholaisen, Birdwings Fine Chocolate

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Create Customized Mini Business Cards for Your Business

Slim business card printing produces cards that are so sleek, some customers are choosing to go with these 1.75” x 3.5” cards over other size options (standard business cards are 2” x 3.5” and typically either 14 or 16 pt. Thick as well). It’s like having high-quality mini business cards; they are compact and are therefore easy to carry around. Your printed slim business cards can be created on thick 14 pt. cardstock but we also offer a 16 pt. cardstock option for those who want their cards extra thick.

Having coating options is important as they do have a direct impact on the look and feel of your cards. Our uncoated option helps emphasize the design itself while our aqueous coating options give your cards extra pizzazz. Matte aqueous coating leaves a dull, muted finish, while gloss aqueous coating gives you just a little more. If you need your cards to be really shiny, choose our high gloss UV coating option.

If you want your cards to be even more unique, try adding rounded corners to your design. Our slim business card printing services allow for same-day printing (provided you meet our cut off time).

 For more custom features, give us a call at 877-405-3949, M-F (7am-8pm CT) or create a custom order.

Slim Business Card Printing: It’s Not About Size, It’s About Content

Just because they’re small does not mean slim business cards are any less effective compared to standard-sized ones. It’s all about the design and knowing what information to add and what to leave out. If you have a gym or a yoga studio (or other business focusing on health and fitness), for example, you could add a photo of your establishment on the back and add your logo and contact information in the front. Leave out other details that can be found through your website or other marketing materials.

These mini business cards are also just plain cute. They won’t look overly formal when handed out. That makes them ideal for people who intend to use them as conversation pieces when introducing themselves to prospective customers.