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Booklet Printing Elevates Your Company’s Branded Content

Every brand tells a story and booklets unfold yours from the beginning to the middle and end. High-quality booklet printing lets you maximize the space on each page, where you can show off your products with vivid imagery or explain your services in detailed infographics and articles. You can also produce specialized booklet content that appeals to your audience like a seasonal magazine issue, product catalog, or coffee table book.

At PrintPlace, you can print booklets fast and save money with our inexpensive pricing. Every order is worth it because our experts know what it takes to create high quality.

How to Create Booklets Like an Expert Storyteller

Booklets are primarily a visual medium. Your choice of size, paper, and coating will elevate your story. 

1. Select a size that serves the design and matches the distribution method. 

Your layout will depend on the booklet size. Factor in how large the images should appear, along with the space reserved for text. The booklet’s size will also determine the best distribution method.

  • The small 4.75” x 4.75” size is easy to hand out and distribute. Perfect for concise and short content.
  • The lengthier 5.5”x 8.5” size provides ample space for visual elements and blocks of text.
  • The standard 8.5” x 11” size is letter-sized and commonly associated with small magazines.

2. Complement the cover and inside pages with one another.

An impactful cover page will persuade your reader to experience each page of your booklet. Print on any of these durable cardstock or thick paper options, depending on the look and feel you want:

100 lb. Gloss Paper

  • Fine-textured paper that’s sturdier than magazine paper
  • Gloss coating prints your design in vivid colors and adds an extra shine

10 pt. Gloss Cardstock

  • Slightly thicker than the 100 lb. paper
  • Lightweight cardstock brings out the brightness of your cover’s colors

14 pt. Uncoated Cardstock

  • A sturdy cardstock that doesn’t easily bend or fold
  • Uncoated texture allows for writability with a pen or marker on both sides

14 pt. Matte Cardstock

  • Durability protects it from folding and bending
  • Matte coating gives colors an elegant, soft muted color

14 pt. Gloss Cardstock

  • Cardstock’s durability keeps your cover looking good as new
  • Gloss coating allows colors to pop out from afar

14 pt. High Gloss UV Cardstock

  • Sturdy cardstock comes with double the shine
  • Colors appear extra vibrant

Inside pages can be printed on extra thick 100 lb. paper but other sturdy and lightweight options are also available:

70 lb. Paper Uncoated

  • A thin, lightweight paper stock that’s easy to carry around
  • Smooth writable surface

80 lb. Paper

  • A little thicker and sturdier than the 70 lb. paper
  • Shiny gloss or elegant matte coating on both sides

3. Choose from two binding options to keep it all together.

The saddle stitching method is recommended for 8- to 12-page booklets with lightweight paper for the inside pages. This option uses 2 staples to bind all the pages on the folded spine.

Wire-O binding has closed wire loops going through each hole in the inside pages and cover. It is not like spiral binding where there is only one continuous wire going around the holes. It is recommended for thicker booklets (16 pages and up).

How to Estimate the Best Number of Pages for Your Booklet

Booklets are composed of two page types: cover pages and inside pages. The total number of pages includes both types. All booklets come with 4 cover pages, 2 for the front and 2 for the back. Each cover page has an outside cover and inside cover.

The page plan below shows how the cover and inside pages are laid out:


Can I print a PDF as a booklet?
Yes, you can send us a PDF of your booklet file. Select Upload Now on the online calculator and you can easily upload a file from your computer or Dropbox account.

We also offer layout templates you can download based on your preferred binding option and location. Go to the Layout Templates tab, select your binding, and download the size you need.

What is the fastest printing time available for booklets?
You can select same day or 1 business day printing for your order. Note this covers the production time of your booklet. It does not include shipping transit time or direct mail processing time. All turnaround times are based on business days and exclude national holidays.

What is included in the booklets’ four cover pages? 

The four cover pages include:

  1. Outside front cover or where your cover photo is located
  2. Inside front cover or the back of the cover page
  3. Inside back cover or the area behind the back cover
  4. Outside back cover or the last exterior page of your booklet

How much will I spend to print booklets?
You can spend as little as 50¢ per piece if you order up to 1,000 booklets. The higher your order quantity, the lower your price per piece. Note the total and individual price will depend on the cover and inside pages card or paper stock you choose.

It’s Easy to Make Custom Booklets With Templates

If you aren't sure how to make a booklet, start with one of our layout templates, which give you the exact dimensions your artwork will need to be.

The layout templates are available for download through a desktop PC as ZIP files and co, me with three different format options: InDesign CS3, InDesign CS4, and Publisher.

View Booklets Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Direct Mail Services for Booklets

Save time and money by choosing our direct mail services. Since we print and mail from one place, your booklets will be in the mail in time for your next promotion or event.

Our direct mail services include processing of 1 mailing list, duplication removal if requested, CASS Certification, inkjet addressing, and postal presorting for automation rates, all at an affordable price.

Postal prices depend on the size and weight per piece. Check if your booklets will mail at Letter or Flat rates by viewing the mailing requirements.

Bulk Booklet Printing That Widens Your Reach

Create a booklet your target customers and loyal consumers will want to pick up and read. Every page gives you a chance to tell your brand’s story or show how they can best use their product. Here are some unique ways to take advantage of a booklet’s multiple pages for your marketing:

  • Show, don’t tell. A booklet in letter size or a little larger (at about 9” x 12”) has enough space for a full-page fashion editorial for your apparel items.
  • Share in-depth stories. Devote three to four pages to a cover story that engages your reader. Your booklet will be read because of an enticing cover, so revealing it inside will compel them to know more about your brand.
  • Roll out your annual report in a booklet. Annual reports inform stakeholders and valued clients on the growth and developments in your business. Find out how you can creatively come up with an annual report here.

Check out our resource articles below for more information on how to create an effective booklet design:

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