Presentation Folder Printer

Presentation Folder Printer

Presentation folders can add a powerful punch in establishing your brand identity. With 10 times the size of your highly-branded business card, you can add some tremendous impact to your presentations and make your message stand out more.

Details: Presentation Folder Printing

  • Two horizontal pockets standard on all presentation folders
  • Business cards slit placement options for horizontal business cards
  • Full color printing on front (outside + inside pockets) or both sides
  • Choice of coated gloss or uncoated cover stock

Follow the specifications provided to ensure your artwork prints correctly. Our templates are provided as a ZIP files and include PDF, AI, and JPG versions of each template.

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Choosing a Presentation Folder Printer

Presentation folders give your company more prestige whether at the office, in a meeting, or at an event. Imprinted with your company logo and design, folders send the message that your business is serious about professionalism. Also, clients are more likely to keep a custom folder rather than a generic folder purchased at a local retail supplier. Be sure to choose a presentation folder printer that will produce high quality folders. At we print full color custom presentation folders with the option of electronic or next day mail proofs so that you can see the quality for yourself.

The Design

Presentation Folders are also called pocket folders because of the interior pockets. Although some printers give the option between one and two pockets, always order two pockets even if you do not have enough material to fill the second pocket. Placing blank letterhead stationery for taking notes in the second pocket makes your folder even more useful for clients. Print presentation folders with an expanded version of your logo or an image based on your logo. Be sure to match the design to your style so that your company image is clearly displayed for clients to remember. You may also want to include a company motto. Some folders include contact information and the title of the event, but excluding this information makes your folders reusable for any event. Instead, include a business card in the slit on the interior pocket for contact info and print the event title on the literature you include inside the folder.

At, we print two pocket presentation folders with an option for business card slits. You can choose from several stock options and full color on the outside with a blank, color, or black and white interior. With our instant pricing tool, know your wholesale quote immediately as you customize your folders. Choose as your presentation folder printer and leave a lasting impression the next time you hand out marketing material to a client.


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