Comp Cards Printing

  • Choose from four specially selected glossy or uncoated stocks.
  • Eight (8) standard sizes and custom trim options available
  • Choose full color, full bleed printing on one or both sides
  • All standard sizes except 7x10 are eligible to mail at USPS automated Letter rates
  • Comp Cards can include a tear-off perforation
  • Helpful Hint: UV coating cannot be added to the address/mailing side if the job includes mailing services

Put yourself into a position for that big modeling break with professionally printed comp cards! With the right design and excellent printing quality, your comp cards will send the message that you are a talented and serious model, ready for the big gigs. Here at, we provide the options and quality needed at the right price so you have a chance to showcase your talent no matter your budget.

Place your head shot and name on the front of a glossy cover paper stock of your choice. With additional photos and stats on the back, you will shine out from among the competition. Full color and full bleed are standard printing options here at, making your comp cards look professional enough to impress any client. Simply place your order, upload your files, and approve your proof. Order your comp cards today and get ready to hand out your impressive calling card to clients in only a matter of days!

Follow the specifications provided to ensure your artwork prints correctly. Our templates are provided as a ZIP files and include PDF, AI, and JPG versions of each template.

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Be sure to DELETE "template layer" before you submit your files.

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Comp Card Printing 

Every model needs a comp card to showcase his or her talents to new clients. Just be sure to follow some design and printing tips so that your comp cards make you shine above and beyond the competition.

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Comp Cards Design Tips

The shots that you choose should vary in theme and type. Usually, comp cards contain a head shot as well as a variety of full body shots, and even action shots. Make sure that your photos show your range of talent and look professional. You should seriously consider hiring a professional photographer so that your photos are of the highest quality.

Other Content
Along with photos, your name and stats are a must. Most comp cards include contact information along with bust, waist, and hip size; height and weight; hair and eye color; and possibly dress and shoe size.

Get creative with the placement of your photos and content, but keep it simple and organized enough that clients can take in your photos and stats at a glance. Place your name and head shot on the front side and remaining photos (anywhere from 3-6 photos) and stats on the back. Be careful with your choice of fonts since you want your information to be readable at a glance.

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Comp Card Printing Tips

Full color printing from a professional will get you the best results. With the availability of inexpensive online printing companies, you will get as great a price as black and white or home office printing but incomparable quality. If your comp cards include a background, be sure to extend the color beyond the edge of the card.

The heavier your paper stock, the higher quality your comp cards will seem in hand. Make sure to go with a 10 or 14pt cover stock and a gloss coating. Aqueous coating works well if you have a tight budget, but a high gloss UV coating gives you that extra sheen needed to stand out. Keep in mind that most comp cards are 5.5"x8.5" and most clients probably have their filing system set up for this size.

Many models like to print at least a thousand comp cards at a time, which means that with a good printing company you will get a better price than if you printed, say, 250 at a time. The more you print at once, the lower the cost per piece. Of course, you may want to create 2 or 3 different comp cards and only print 250 to 500 of each. This way you customize the card for the client, giving you the upper hand among other applicants for the gig.


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All standard sizes except 7x10 are eligible to mail at USPS automated Letter rates

Comp Cards can include a tear-off perforation

Helpful Hint: UV coating cannot be added to the address/mailing side if the job includes mailing services

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