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Downloading letterhead templates at PrintPlace.com is easy with only a quick click and unzip. We provide industry standard Adobe Illustrator files, PDF, and even a JPG version if you are using a word processor to design your letterheads. Just make sure to remove the letterhead templates layers from your final artwork before submitting it for print. With our free digital proof service, you can double check the printing job and artwork for accuracy before your project goes to press. The printing experts at PrintPlace.com can also check the artwork for you at no extra cost, if needed. With the letterhead templates provided by PrintPlace.com, submitting your letterhead artwork will take less time while still producing letterheads sure to impress no matter the purpose of your correspondence. 

Download Letterhead Templates Now


PrintPlace.com provides letterhead templates so you can get the most out of the printing process. While templates are designed to make your life easier and your final product perfect, sometimes they complicate the process. Here are a few tips to make sure your experience is as seamless and simple as possible. Before you begin, go to the letterhead templates page on PrintPlace.com and download our ZIP file with all the different template formats.


Use the right file format
Make sure to use the right format. The template ZIP file you download from PrintPlace.com contains a JPG file, a PDF file, and an Adobe Illustrator file. Each can be used in different ways to make sure your letterhead will work with PrintPlace.com. Ideally you can use the Adobe Illustrator file to design your letterhead. Worst case, simply print one of the other file formats as well as your current letterhead design onto the same sheet of paper to make sure your design fits within the safety areas.

Bleed area
If you want your design to have images and graphics that go to the edge of the page, make sure to extend your design at least to the bleed line on the letterhead template. This will make sure that you have no white space around the edge of your image.

Drop the Layers
Once you have your design in the right place and you are confident with your layout, make sure you drop or delete the letterhead template layers. If you include those in your image, we will print them! So double check to make sure you get those layers off of your final file.

Double-check the proof
PrintPlace.com has a powerful digital proof system so you can be absolutely sure you are going to get the perfect prints. After you upload your final artwork, PrintPlace.com will create a digital proof in a PDF format for you to check. We encourage you to print this proof on your own to be sure it looks just right.

Call for help
If you just can't seem to get the proof to look right using our letterhead templates, feel free to give our team a call or use our instant chat feature. Our customer service reps will be glad to help you.

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