Sticker Design that Sticks

One of the most fun and inexpensive ways to market your brand is through stickers or label printing.  A well-designed sticker can grab the attention of a potential customer better than expensive billboards or other marketing techniques.  Careful attention must be given so that your sticker design will stick with your customers.
Bright and bold
Stickers are typically small, so use bright primary colors when you design your stickers.  Your fonts must be clearly legible, so choose a color that stands out against the background.  A good tool to use when choosing colors for your stickers is a color wheel.  This will make sure that your colors contrast enough so that your message will be read. Use legible fonts and don’t try to cram too much information on your stickers. 
Vinyl stickers
Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing sticker material that will last.  High quality vinyl stickers last longer, look better, and feel better to the touch.  All these elements go a long way to improving the overall look and feel of your stickers.
Call to action
Make sure to put your contact information on your stickers.  This can be difficult with the limited space you have to work with.  If at all possible, incorporate your website or phone number into the message on the sticker.  For example, you could say, “Ready for change?  Go to!” This simple message is just one way you could incorporate your contact information right into your sticker design.
Special shapes
You can have your stickers die cut into relevant shapes that reinforce your branding message.  Even simple tricks like using rounded edges and corners go a long way to improving the overall look and feel of your stickers.

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