We can build your calendar from the pictures you provide. Send 15 pictures - 13 for the inside months (Dec to Dec) and 2 for the front and back covers. Pictures must be sized .25" larger than the finished calendar page size and must have a resolution of 300dpi. Date pages/blocks are standard but may be customized.

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http://www.printplace.com/Upload/calendar-layout-services/Layout-Services-0810_07.jpg http://www.printplace.com/Upload/calendar-layout-services/Layout-Services-0810_08.jpg

The standard layout price and additional customization options allow for one initial design and proof, plus one revised design and proof. Our designers will build your calendar and upload the artwork to your job. You will be able to download and review your calendar and make one round of edits if necessary. If edits are made, a revised proof with changes will be uploaded for your review. Additional edits may be made for a fee.
http://www.printplace.com/Upload/calendar-layout-services/Layout-Services-0810_11.jpg http://www.printplace.com/Upload/calendar-layout-services/Layout-Services-0810_12.jpg http://www.printplace.com/Upload/calendar-layout-services/Layout-Services-0810_13.jpg



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