Catalog Design

When designing catalogs, many companies find it to be an overwhelming task. The overall purpose of a catalog is to sell products, but it first must be able to encourage readers to open the cover and look through the pages. To accomplish this goal, the photographs and text must appeal to the customer’s sense of lifestyle.

Catalog design involves several steps in which an editor maintains a consistent style throughout from the written text to the chosen photographs. The layout should maximize selling through strategic placement of items on each spread. Displaying feature items on the cover should reveal a theme. For instance, a fall catalog cover for home décor may include pumpkins and scarecrows even though many of the items in the catalog might be available year-round.

Once the catalog has been designed, it still is not finished. The next step involves a printing company. Sending the artwork in the format needed by the printer, placing the order, reviewing the proofs, and communicating with the printer any changes that need to be made, which can happen quite often, are all part of the ordering process.

Although many people design their own catalogs and do it well, many more often request help from professional designers. provides free catalog templates to help you or your designer create your perfect catalog.  For any questions, you can browse our FAQ page, pick up a phone and call, or chat online. Whatever your level of need, we will meet it because we want your catalogs to be the successful selling tools you need them to be.


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