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Posters are popular for being larger-scale in size compared to other marketing media and for its highly effective visual presence.

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Some Tips on Designing Posters

Poster printing with allow more space for images and text to represent your brand or product or to promote an upcoming event. With bigger space, your images appear bigger becoming more distinguished sure to catch the attention of any passer-by. But despite the ease of catching people's attention, the more important question of whether you project the right signals and a clear message still remains.

Like any printed marketing collateral, poster templates and design make a big difference in performance. With's poster templates, you can easily configure the arrangement of every element on your poster. Here are some pointers we can provide you when shifting your poster elements around to make the final look more effective.

The human eye reads text from left to right, top to bottom. With this in mind, arrange the elements on your poster in such a way that the important, more striking images and details of your campaign are scanned first. Event or product details are usually on the right or lower portion, easily located by those who are interested. Most likely, your audience will be moving when they browse through your poster. Manage your poster template effectively so that the end product is a brilliant poster whose concept is easy to grasp.

Point of Gravity. Movie posters these days don't follow a standard as to where the title should be placed. The most important thing is that it should always be larger than the other text. You can follow this style or go conventional, where your title is at the middle or top part of your poster. The location of your title automatically notes the center point of your poster.

Pump up the volume. Now that you have a large amount of space, flaunt it! Use prominent images to grab attention but always evaluate the relevance of that image to the effectiveness of your poster. The most sizable images in a poster are usually those that hold the most importance and meaning in imparting its message.

Use Colors. Colors catch attention more than monochromatic shades. Choose the best and most appropriate colors to go with your design and theme. Moderation is always key. As much as many colors can grab attention, colors used sparingly yet sufficiently have proven to be more effective. It provides a mature and professional yet warm appeal to the readers. When it comes to colour integrity, is the only place to go. Our technology and knowledge has enabled us to produce nothing but the best color posters available.

With's full color posters, any business can now afford to be seen and remembered.


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