How to Make Your Brochure Stand Out

There are a lot of print brochures out there, so take measures to insure that yours don't get lost in the crowd. The really good print brochures are memorable and make readers want to do business with your company. If you think your print brochure needs some improvements, the following ideas will help you achieve the memorability necessary for turning readers into customers.

Step One: Narrow the Message
To have the most impact, keep the brochure's message simple. As a general rule, you should only make one point per panel. You do not need to tell about every product and service you offer. Just showcase two to four of your best items. If you have seasonal products, you can showcase items for the season in which you plan to send out your print brochures.

Step Two: Use One Great Image on the Cover
A single, large image will grab your reader's attention better than several smaller ones. Make sure it is a high-quality, attractive picture relevant to your message. To ensure the best images possible, you will want to go with full color print brochures.

Step Three: Put Two or More Panels Together
Instead of doing a tri-fold brochure in which panels are divided individually, you can use a fold that combines two or more panels into one. This allows you to use larger images on the inside of your brochure, making for a greater impact. To get this effect, fold the brochure in a Z fold, accordion fold, gate fold, etc. so that when your flaps open up you have a much larger space. This way you can spread an image across several panels or even the entire sheet of paper, depending on which folding technique you choose.

Step Four: Tell it All with Headings
Put your main points in your headings and subheadings. That way people can find out how great you are at a glance. Most people do not want to read a lot of text, and some will not bother to read more than the headings. To increase the likelihood of people reading more, you should put the rest of your information in bullet points.

Step Five: Highlight what You Want People to Remember 
Highlight one or two phrases that you really want people to remember. You can do this by making those words bold and in a larger font. You could also print the words in color, or you might put a box around the phrase and fill it in with a colored background. This phrase should tell how customers benefit from using your products. And only include this trick once or twice in your print brochures to avoid an obnoxious appearance.

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