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Brochure Samples

For nearly any business, printed brochures are a necessity because of their versatility. The same brochure can perform several functions - providing information to customers, advertising products and services, or accompanying you in a sales pitch, just to name a few. Because clients associate the quality of a brochure with the company, a top-notch brochure is of the utmost importance. Here at, we understand your need to investigate our ability to provide you with professional brochures, which is why we offer free brochure samples for your convenience. Here are just a few highlights you will discover in our sample kit:


Coating samples

Some of our brochure paper comes with different coating choices: Aqueous, High Gloss UV, and dull UV. Unless you have lots of experience in printing, you are probably unsure of the difference in appearance for each type of coating. Request our brochure samples so that you can see which look is right for your brochure.

Paper samples

At, we give several brochure paper choices because we want our customers to be able to customize their brochures for their purpose. You may not know whether one of our two cover stocks or one of our three text stock paper types will be for you until you see them for yourself. Order our brochure sample kit for a full preview.

Full color samples

One of the most unnerving parts to using an online printing company is the fact that everything is online. What if your online printer cannot follow through with the proclaimed quality? Here at, we relieve your fears by allowing you to, in a sense, walk right up to our counter and ask to see a few samples. We hand you physical proof of our quality full color offset printing when you request our brochure samples.

We at also understand deadlines; therefore, we will mail you the sample kit right away once you send the request. Once you receive the kit, don't hesitate to call or chat with a live agent if you have any questions. We will always go that extra mile to make sure that your experience with us is more than satisfactory, whether ordering brochures or any other printed materials.

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