Using Colored Illustrations on Your Brochures

For a brochure to be effective, it must capture attention for at least 3 seconds; if so, then your brochure has a higher chance of being opened. Once a client decides to open the brochure, the inside must be interesting enough to make the client want to keep reading. Color is your best bet for making a brochure design more appealing. In addition, colored illustrations break up what would be a boring wall of text and add excitement, memorability, and visual cues to your brochure design. And with today's printing innovations, full color brochure printing is often more or as affordable as black and white printing, so businesses can actually save money while creating a much more effective design!

Colored illustrations are only as powerful as your design, so make sure to get the most out of the images in your brochures by using these following design tips:

  • Don't forget about full bleed - make sure to extend any background illustrations well beyond the edge of the page.
  • Transparent illustrations, such as Photoshop patterns and textures, look amazing and work well as a background.
  • Include both product photos as well as photos of the product in action.
  • Use only high resolution photos - at least 300 dpi.
  • Limit the amount of clip art, since this can make your brochure design look cheap.
  • Use charts and graphs to give readers a visual of statistics and other chartable info.
  • 3D images take your brochure design to a higher level of professionalism, and they are extremely attractive as well. 
  • Make sure that all illustrations have a purpose and reinforce your message.
  • Choose images that will appeal to your target audience.
  • Don't overdo the amount of illustrations as too much will create a cluttered look and take away from your message.
  • Use captions to reinforce the point of each illustration and to also make your brochure more skimmable.
  • Wrap text tightly around images, but make sure to leave an appropriate amount of white space between text and images.
  • Balance the amount of text and illustrations on each page as well as between pages that are side-by-side.

One final tip: using a four color offset printing company will insure that you get the best results at a low price. And don't forget that the more you order, the lower your cost per brochure will be, so when in doubt, step up your order to the next higher quantity for the best cost possible.

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