4 Color Printing vs Digital Printing for Business Cards 

Business cards are a conversational marketing tool. Never leave the office without restocking your wallet whether heading to a business meeting or the grocery store. Meeting a potential client could happen anywhere. Adding your 4 color business card to the parting handshake will provide the prospect with a reminder of your conversation and allow for easy future contact. Before getting into color business card printing, consider that your card has to represent your company and whether. To really impress those future clients, your four color business card should be uniquely attractive. And what better way than to design with color images and the company logo. At PrintPlace.com, we offer 4 color business card printing at wholesale prices to provide you with a professional product without emptying your pockets.

So why does 4 color business card printing produce more vivid colors than the ink jet in your office? The magic occurs in the colour combination in printing. Your office printer uses only RGB (red, green, and blue) and, therefore, is limited in the range of colours that appear in the final product. Commercial online printing companies use the four colors CMYK, which stand for cyan (a light blue), magenta (a reddish purple), yellow, and key (black). The black ink is used to add a deeper tone to dark colors. RGB is called the additive method because the combination of these three colors produce white. The combination of colors in the CMYK method absorbs the white, hence the term subtractive. In simple terms, this masking of light produces more continuity in colored images.

Visit PrintPlace.com to customize your 4 color business card printing projects with a variety of stocks and printing options. Our services will help you design and print four color business cards that enhance your company image and attract the attention you desire.

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