Printing Your Business Card Designs

Printing Your Business Card Designs offers more options so you can get the most out of printing your business card designs. And with our satisfaction guarantee you can be confident you will get professional results.

Details: Business Cards

  • Business card pricing includes the option of full bleed
  • Horizontal or vertical business card printing
  • Print business cards in full color on both sides or one side
  • Two standard business card sizes

Planning to include a discount or simply want more information on your card? Order double-sided or even folded business cards. provides full bleed printing at no extra cost, so make sure that your artwork extends to the bleed line on the free templates available for download right from our site.

Will you be attending any meetings or business events in the near future? The more you order, the less the cost per card. Standing out from the crowd can be done several ways: with an unusual design, and rounded corners or a vertical design. So decide what your route will be ahead of time. offers you the choice between three different coatings, so decide beforehand what will be the right printed business card design for you for that unique look. 

Follow the specifications provided to ensure your artwork prints correctly. Our templates are provided as a ZIP files and include PDF, AI, and JPG versions of each template.

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Be sure to DELETE "template layer" before you submit your files.

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Printing Effective Business Card Designs

Preparing a business card design for printing requires a few considerations to reach that level of professionalism needed to impress prospects and clients. Here are 5 tips for getting you business cards that you are proud to display.

Create More Space
Give your prospects something extra so that they keep your business card around for longer than a day. Include a discount redeemable online or in your office on the back of your business cards. Folded business cards, which remain standard-sized when folded, can be opened up for a mini-calendar, customer testimonials, or a mini-brochure. Including that something extra, no matter what you choose, will only help you stand out from the hundreds of boring business cards clients receive.

Extend Your Graphics
You may decide to use a colored background or include an image on your business card. First of all, if you do use a background, make sure your text stands out clearly from the image. Once you've fine-tuned to the appropriate contrast between images and text, make sure to extend your graphics beyond the edges of the card for a full bleed effect. At, full bleed is a standard option, and we also provide free templates available for download into the file format of your choice.

Don't be Stingy
The great secret about wholesale printing is that the more you purchase, the less your cost per piece. So think ahead to what events you will be attending and order enough business cards so that you won't be picky about handing them out. You may also want to order enough to use your business cards for a marketing campaign - place them on announcement boards, hand them out on the street, or mail them to a tailored list of prospects.

Steal the Spotlight
No matter the reason for handing out your business card, you always want to stand out from everyone else. You could also try rounded corners to create a soft look or a vertical design for standing out without costing extra.

Dress for the Occasion
At, we offer you the choice between three coatings because we want you to be able to choose the one that is right for your business card design printing project. A dull UV coating (matte) offers protection but less sheen for a softer appearance. The aqueous coating is great for folded business cards because it provides both sheen and flexibility. But if you want even more gloss, extra protection, and a dynamic look, choose the High Gloss UV coating.

Last Words
Just keep in mind that with your business card design printing project, focus on the choices that enforce your company image for maximum impact. Clients will be able to remember you better if you stick with a design that matches your brand. And don't forget that choosing the right printer for your business cards will make a world of difference. This is why here at we have satisfaction, on time, and price match guarantees. With, you can never go wrong, so choose us for your business card design printing and you'll be itching to hand out your new business cards.

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