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Custom Posters and Prints

Printed posters is an ideal way to get your message across to customers without spending a great deal of money. With the right kind of printed poster design, you can guarantee a successful event, promotion or message.

Details: Poster Printing

  • Folding available to turn posters into maps and oversized brochures
  • Full color poster printing on one or both sides
  • Two gloss paper stock options available
  • Eight standard poster sizes, with custom trimming option available

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Posters and Prints

One popular item of merchandise are posters and prints. Many consumers choose to buy posters that connect them with an unforgettable event or that reveal their hobby. All posters and prints should have vibrant colors or images that are suitable to the subject, be clearly organized, and have a clear topic. These pointers will need to be adjusted, though, for different types of posters.

The purpose of sports posters is to commemorate a player, team, or game. Incorporate the team colors into the design, and use action images to create a live feel. Headlines for sports prints usually are the player or team name but can also be a phrase such as "MVP" or "NY Giants Super Bowl Champions XLII." Organize the text around the image, and be sure that both the headliner and photo stand out from each other.

Movie posters will use captivating still shots from the film that best reveal the plot or theme. The movie title serves as the headline, and often a short line or two that captures the subject of the film is strategically placed underneath the title. Information such as the names of directors, main actors, release date, and rating is printed on the lower half of the poster.

Music prints can vary greatly in design. Some may have only an image. Others might include the band name, album title, or even a message the artist promotes. The background can be a photograph of the artist performing or in the studio, the band in a strategic location, or an artistic design. Some are even printed in black and white.

Maps are a popular collectors item and are used in a variety of locations from the schoolroom, to a personal or public library, or even convenience stores. Whether a map be of the world or a country, political or explorer design, it must use impressive colors that complete the theme. For instance, an antique design of Italy may use brown hues. No headline is necessary but instead a legend is often included.

For any type of professional poster printing, choose With custom design options such as nine paper stocks, six sizes, and the 4 color printing method, we give your company the choices you need to create your ideal print. also offers free templates or even a team of designers to aid your creative process. The option of proofs and a one to seven day turnaround insures the quality and quick service you desire. Make your custom printing company today and be prepared for professional posters with instantaneous results at unbeatable prices.


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