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PrintPlace.com provides quality services to help you design productive wholesale posters. When your company needs to advertise for a public event, such as a festival or concert, or to even introduce services and products, using a poster will allow for a more public display. Posters can be hung in your office, on public poster boards, or in the window of many companies.

Details: Poster Printing

  • Folding available to turn posters into maps and oversized brochures
  • Full color poster printing on one or both sides
  • Two gloss paper stock options available
  • Eight standard poster sizes, with custom trimming option available


Wholesale Posters

To be effective, posters must catch the eye of the audience enough to encourage them to read more.

The success of a poster begins with color. Be sure that the color does not hide the content but compliments the graphics. Because we understand the importance of creating full color posters to attract attention, PrintPlace.com uses the offset printing process so the color is professional and lively. The second important aspect of poster design involves choosing the format. Create a title that reveals your purpose and use concise text to avoid wordiness. Graphics are an excellent tool for supporting your message but avoid using too many photographs or your poster will look cluttered. Finally, align the content to reveal a clear sequence. At PrintPlace.com, we offer five free templates for download to make choosing your layout easier. Choose from six sizes with the option of custom trimming and rounded corners, nine paper stocks, and several finishes. Another way to utilize posters is to double them as maps or large brochures, and at PrintPlace.com, your company has the choice of four folding options and printing on the back of the poster.

With prices and services that provide more for your money, PrintPlace.com will enhance your design process. Make us your printing partner, and we will help you create professional wholesale posters that will attract the crowds you desire.

Use our templates to create your art confidently.

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