Holiday Posters

A great way to get the word out in style is with holiday posters. This marketing method allows you to connect your brand with all the wonderful feelings associated with a particular holiday. All the while, you get the opportunity to get your message out as well.

Holiday posters are easy to design with a few key tips in mind. Like any other design project, a little planning goes a long way. The key design elements for getting your holiday poster printing just right include color selection, shapes, characters, and fonts.


Colors Collecting

Christmas has its reds and greens. Halloween has orange and blacks. Easter has soft pastels. Each holiday has colors we connect it with and your design should keep these colors in mind. Even if you don’t use holiday specific shapes and fonts, your holiday posters can still capture the essence of a holiday using colors alone.

While you do have a brand to keep in mind, the idea here is to balance your holiday design with your brand. This can be a significant challenge if your brand is tightly controlled. Some designers go so far as to re-color the logo for the holiday. The important thing to remember is that you want to make the connection of the brand with the holiday. If you isolate your branding elements too much, you distract from the message and send mixed signals.

Every holiday also has standard shapes. Christmas has snow flakes, Christmas trees, and stars. Halloween has jack-o-lanterns and cob webs. Easter has eggs and flowers. Find some key shapes to weave into your design and you will further build on your holiday connection.

Once again, brand balancing is important here. If your brand uses rounded corners, then make your shapes rounded as well. You can essentially brand your design shapes to match what you already have.

An often forgotten brand element you can use when designing holiday posters are the characters associated with a holiday. Santa Claus, witches, and bunnies -— you should have no problem telling which character goes with which holiday. Whether you need a photo shoot or need to  design a simple character on your own, integrating characters into your holiday posters really cements the particular holiday your message is connected with.



Another, more subtle, way of associating your brand message with a holiday is through careful font selection. Christmas tidings are often in handwritten, script fonts. Halloween has spooky, drippy, block fonts. Easter has lively, flowery serifs.

If your brand has a defined set of fonts, you may be able to carefully modify your fonts just for the occasion. For example, add some curls and flowers to your fonts on your holiday posters for an Easter message. This gives you the double whammy of using your branded fonts with a holiday message.


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