Trade Show Posters

It’s time to design some trade show posters, but where to begin? With some basic ideas in mind, you can be sure to get the most out of your trade show poster printing and drive traffic to your booth.

So what can you do make sure your posters do the job? Get attention, give direction, and call to action-—these should be your mantras while designing. You may notice the lack of attention given to branding. Your brand is critical, but the environment of a trade show is so busy that you may have to sacrifice some brand elements for message delivery. Always keep your logo in view and design with your brand’s colors in mind, but the message is vital and must be delivered if your trade show posters are going to work.

Get Attention
There’s a four letter word that can function as a two-edged sword: FREE. A great way to get attention is to let people know you have something free to offer them. Whether it’s a giveaway or entry-level service to get your foot in the door, advertising free stuff always gets attention.

You can also grab the spotlight with funny trade show posters. A clever message that makes people laugh is a great way to connect. Check out de-motivational poster designs for just one way to get attention by being funny.

Give Direction
Some trade shows are huge with miles of booths to wade through. If you want people to be able to find you, they are probably going to need directions to your booth. A map of the trade show floor with arrows pointing to your booth is just one way to give direction.

If you know your booth number prior to designing your trade show posters, make sure to include this-—much like you would include a street address in any other design.

Call to Action
A simple call to action is critical. “Stop by our booth,” “Grab your free widget,” and “Come see us now” are all calls to action that should be included on your trade show posters. These messages create subconscious pressure to respond and a sense of urgency. After all, the trade show is probably only a few days long, so they don’t have long to come find you.

More ideas...

  • Include a QR code that gets people to a trade show-specific website
  • Make sure your trade show posters are as big as you can afford to print and allowed to place at the event
  • Integrate your logo into the design, even if it’s small
  • Print full-color, of course
  • If your posters will be outside, consider a UV coating to protect them against the elements


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