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Need a direct mail campaign but dreading the mailing aspect? Let save you time and money with our bulk mailing services. We can get your direct mail pieces to your customers faster and without any hassle on your part. Whether you plan to mail 200 or 20,000, our bulk mailing services will get the job done with the highest level of professionalism.

At, our bulk mailing services include processing one mailing list, inkjet addressing, duplication removal, presorting, and sending your mail to the post office. And all of this is accomplished within two days from the shipping date on your order. Plus, we'll send the extras to any address you specify. If you need tabbing or inserting completed, we'll do this too for an extra cost.

Nervous about matching up your postcard or envelope design with mailing specifications? Use our templates to insure that your layout does not interfere with USPS mailing qualifications. Then simply review our own list of requirements for designing for our bulk mailing services, and you will be on your way to the easiest and most cost-effective direct mail campaign yet!

Direct mail is one of the easiest marketing tools for receiving a high return on investment. The only drawback that causes many companies to avoid direct mail campaigns is the mailing aspect. Printing labels, applying each label and a stamp to each direct mail piece, and then possibly licking hundreds of envelopes will cut into a large portion of your day. And then you have to sort and take all of those postcards or envelopes to the post office. This is why bulk mail services are so valuable.

Save Time and Money
With bulk mail services, your direct mail campaigns can run much more smoothly and arrive in a much more timely fashion than if you did it all yourself. Even better, bulk mail services do not cost much more, if any, than if you did it all yourself, since a mailing service knows how to mail pieces at the lowest price possible. Sound too good to be true? Not if you use bulk mailing services provided by your printing company.

Save Even More with Your Printer
When you use your printing company's bulk mail services, you get twice the benefits at a low cost and in less time. For instance, at in just two to four days after the shipping date on your order, your postcards or brochures are on their way to recipients. Postcards sized 4x6 are automatically mailed First Class at the lower rate of $.2915 each, and larger postcards (up to 6x11 in size) and folded brochures (up to 6x10.5 in size) can be mailed First Class at $.435 or Standard at approximately $.298 each. If you have non-profit status, then each of these rates are even cheaper.

So how do you know if bulk mail services are right for you?
• You are mailing more than 200 pieces of mail for standard mail, or over 500 pieces of mail for First Class.
• You do not have time to prepare your mailing list, print labels, and label each piece of mail.
• You have no mailing list and need to rent one that matches your target market.

Not sure what a printing company's bulk mailing services should include?
• Processing of your mailing list.
• Duplication removal.
• CASS certification.
• Inkjet addressing (not labels).
• Presorting and delivering to the post office.

For an additional fee, bulk mailing also includes:
• A mailing list customized to your target market.
• Inserting into envelopes.
• Processing multiple mailing lists.
• Tabbing.
• More than 10% leftover pieces cost extra to be mailed to you.

Just remember that in bulk mailing, you will need to keep at least 2" x 4" free in the bottom right corner of your design, and keep the bottom and right edge of the mailing panel free from borders as well. For best results, use the templates provided to make sure your design meets bulk mail requirements. Also, only use Aqueous coating on the mailing side of your design, otherwise inkjet labeling will not be possible. As always, be sure to contact with any questions you may have about our bulk mailing services, and we'll be more than happy to help out.

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