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How Do You Design a Hotel Brochure?

How to design a hotel brochure

Despite the accessibility of websites and apps , some travelers and tourists still prefer printed marketing materials  If you’re in the business of travel, printing brochures can bring in more interest to hotels, tours, and other vacation packages.

Business Name and Slogan

A hotel’s name and tagline sets the mood, and expectations even, of guests the moment they read it. Write a slogan that’s simple yet memorable enough for travelers to remember when they’re ready to book.

Contact Details

  • Address and Map – Include your hotel’s complete address, a sketch of a map with important landmarks, and directions to help guests find your hotel easily.
  • Contact Numbers – Always list down your customer service phone lines on your marketing materials including in your hotel brochure. You can also add local numbers for specific services like airport transfers or the hotel’s restaurant to make it easier for guests to make and confirm reservations. If your concierge isn’t available 24/7, indicate the availability of your phone lines so that guests can call ahead of time.
  • Social Media Accounts – Some guests might contact you through your hotel’s social media accounts, so it’s best to include them in your hotel brochure.

Rooms and Rates

  • Rooms and Suites – Give your guests a glimpse of your hotel rooms by showing their photos on your brochure. Write accurate room descriptions, room inclusions, and standard rates to help guests decide which option is best for them.
  • Coupons, Discounts, and Promos – Dedicate space for discounted rates and coupons on your hotel brochure. Customers tend to hold on to hotel brochures that feature special or limited offers.


  • Amenities – If your hotel has spas, salons, swimming pools, fitness centers, pet-friendly rooms, and other amenities, list them on the hotel brochure to entice potential guests.
  • Services – Aside from the rooms and amenities, include other services you offer in your hotel. Some examples are laundry services, transportation assistance, and relaxation activities.

Graphics and Photos

Stunning photos will not only level up your brochures, they will also help your customers visualize what your hotel looks like. Here are some images that you’d want to include on your brochure:

  • The hotel’s facade – Show your guests what they can expect once they arrive at your hotel.
  • The lobby – A photo of the lobby and a friendly receptionist can give the impression that your hotel’s staff are approachable and has excellent customer service.
  • Hotel rooms – Customers can easily pick out which room to book when they see what the rooms look like. If you have rooms that have a great view of the sea, the city skyline, or even just a gorgeous shower, make sure to include them on the pictures.
  • Amenities – Add photos of amenities like spas, salons, swimming pools, fitness facilities, parking, entertainment rooms, and more to bring in guests into your hotel. When choosing photos or graphics, remember to pick a color palette that matches your hotel’s branding. This will give your hotel brochures cohesive identity, and a sleek and professional look.

Information About the Hotel

A great way to promote your hotel is by adding information that guests might find interesting. Here are some details that you can add to your brochures:

  • History – Let your guests know how you started by writing a brief history of your place. You can also mention fun facts and include famous people who have stayed in your hotel to pique their curiosity.
  • Reviews and Publicity – Impress visitors by including excellent reviews of past guests. If you have been featured in a publication, you can mention that too as this will show that you are an established business in the industry.

To make your hotel brochures noticeable in display racks and drive more guests to your business, include stunning photos, compelling content, and other essential information they need to book their stay. Bear in mind that brochures should be able to keep up with the times, so make sure that your hotel print materials are updated. Looking for a trusted printer? At PrintPlace, we can help. Check out our page for your brochure printing needs.