How to Measure a Box

Are you preparing to ship your products and wondering how to measure a box? This guide will help you get started! Measuring a box for shipping is important, as carriers and freight companies charge based on the amount of space that a box occupies, also referred to as volume.

3 Easy Steps to Measure Your Box’s Dimensions

First off, you only need a measuring tape or a ruler.

how to measure a box

  1. Measure the length. This will be the longest side of the box.
  2. Then measure the width. Just turn your box sideways. This will be the shorter side of the box.
  3. Finally, measure the height from top to bottom. Do not include the box’s flaps!

how to measure interior of box

If you’re purchasing boxes for your business, you’ll want to know the inside dimensions of the box to ensure that your products fit snugly inside and avoid any damage.

How to Calculate Box Volume for Shipping

how to calculate a box volume for shipping

Knowing the volume or cubic inches of a box can help businesses accurately calculate shipping costs and plan for efficient transportation of their products. Additionally, knowing the box volume can help businesses optimize their storage and inventory management, as they can calculate how much space each box will occupy and plan accordingly.

Finally, for businesses that manufacture or distribute their products in boxes, knowing the volume can help them determine the appropriate box size for their products, which can help reduce shipping costs and improve overall efficiency.

Here’s how to calculate box volume:

L = 17in
W = 10in
H = 12in

17 x 10 x 12 = 2,040 cubic inches (cu).

Learn how to measure and calculate the girth of a box here.

Start Ordering Your Custom Boxes Today

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