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How to Measure the Girth of a Box

Measuring the girth of a box is essential in ensuring that the package is not only within the courier company’s guidelines but also to avoid additional fees or even having the package returned.

Size Definitions:

  • Length: The longest measurement of a box from end to end
  • Width: The shorter measurement of a box from side to side
  • Height: The measurement of a box from bottom to top
  • Girth: The measurement of the distance around the widest part of the box or circumference.

To find the girth, measure the width and the height, add both, and multiply by two.

Girth = 2(W + H)

How to Calculate the Girth of a Box:

  1. Measure the width, and height.
    • 10″ = Width
    • 12″ = Height
  2. Add the width and height.
    • 10″ + 12″ = 22″
  3. And multiply the sum by two.
    • 22″ x 2 = 44″

Girth of your box is 44″

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