Advantages of Printing in 4 Color

Every company uses print booklets in some form or another, whether as manuals, portfolios, presentation literature, pamphlets, and more. Unfortunately, not all businesses make sure that their booklets match the professionalism they want to impress upon clients. The good news, though, is that every business can easily take advantage of high quality booklets with 4 color printing. 

In 4 color printing, also known as full color, printers use the combination of four colors to create images. Many may know 4 color as CMYK printing, which stands for the four colors used: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (or key for the base color). Here’s exactly what you should expect from 4 color booklet printing:

Low Cost
Booklets printed in 4 color should actually cost less than other comparable forms of printing. The more booklets you print, the less the cost per piece since the colors will only need to be set up once for the entire order. At, 4 color booklets cost the same as black and white.

Consistent Quality
Four color printing uses an offset press, providing the best possible results for transferring the image onto paper. In addition, uses color experts to ensure that you get the best results every time. 

Unique Colors
Get your booklets printed in the right shade to promote your brand. With 4 color printing, the colors on your booklets can be mixed to the hues you specify. Since CMYK can produce pantone colors, you can get an exact match every time.

Grabs Attention Faster
Because 4 color printing produces such vivid colors, your booklets will certainly turn heads much faster than if printed in only two or three colors. This means that your booklets will be giving you better results much more easily than if you chose not to use the 4 color method. specializes in 4 color printing. Our color experts make sure that our printing results meet International standards with every order. So get your booklets printed in 4 color with today to save money and get you the professional results your company deserves.

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