Calendar Templates

Choosing what to include in a promotional calendar is a fairly standard process. Most giveaway calendars merely include the company name or logo along with contact information. The more difficult process comes in the layout. Templates for calendars make this second step in the design process easier. Most online printers include design help including a stock of photographs from which to choose. If you decide to make calendars from templates, know the terms so that you receive the high quality product you designed.

Many templates include a full bleed zone. Your artwork should extend past this line so that your photographs fill the entire page. At, the full bleed option is included in the price for all print jobs. Another zone that may be included in the template is a safety or caution line. Important text and images should remain inside of this line, also called a crop zone, because the trimmer may cut into this area. Nothing looks more unprofessional than cut off text or incomplete pictures. Also be sure your printer follows industry standards for shifting in the trim process, which is 1/16th of an inch either side. This standard is important to keep in mind when your calendar includes borders, since you will avoid an uneven final design. Some printing companies require that you delete your template before submitting the order, so be sure to read any directions for templates.

Every company uses different software for editing and designing marketing literature, which is why at we offer free templates in a variety of files for download. Simply click on the calendar size and zip file you need, and create calendars that will display your company name professionally.



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