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Print Calendars: A Lasting Advertisement

Of all the marketing materials your business uses, one of the only ones that stays with your customers for a long time is a calendar. When you give a calendar to a customer, they will use it all year long. Every time they look at it, they will see something relating to your business and your company. If you design your calendars properly, they can turn into long lasting and effective tools for your business.

Details: Calendar Printing

  • Fully customized with full-bleed and full color throughout
  • Size shown represents page size (finished size)
  • Saddle stitched binding (stapled on the edge)
  • Five standard calendar sizes, with custom trim option available
  • Layout service available



Follow the secifications provided to ensure your artwork prints correctly. Our templates are provided as a ZIP files and include InDesign templates with EPS images.

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Be sure to DELETE "template layer" before you submit your files.

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Why Print Calendars

Although calendars cost less than many other marketing avenues, their advertising effectiveness may come into question with the many digital calendars available, such as those found on Google and Outlook. Yet companies every day continue to use print calendars as a promotional tool for marketing their name, products, or services. One reason is that both businesses and homes still need calendars to hang on the wall or use on the desk, even in conjunction with digital calendars. At, we supply the highest quality products, so that your company can distribute calendars that customers will proudly display.

Print calendars have too many benefits to be entirely replaced by web calendars, the main reason being the ease of use. Recording an event simply involves penciling it onto the date rather than clicking through several steps like in a digital program. The wall calendar gives a portrait view, which requires a mere glance to view the entire month and upcoming events. Online layouts entail scrolling and then clicking on a date to read the activity.

The advantages of using print calendars as a marketing tool are many. Imprinted with your company logo and contact information gives clients easy access to your business. Continue to print calendars yearly or even monthly to stay in touch with returning customers. Include subliminal messages in the calendar such as reminders for updating products, renewing a contract, or even attending local events. Plus, printing with allows you to customize your calendars to match your company style. With our wholesale full color printing, we will supply professional calendars at a reasonable cost.

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