Factors for Choosing the Right Catalog Provider

Creating a catalog for your business is quite an undertaking but one that can greatly benefit your business. One of the biggest obstacles is finding the right catalog printing company; because there are so many to choose from, finding a reliable, quality printer can be quite time-consuming. Here is a list of what you should expect from a printer that should help you know if you have chosen the right company for your catalog printing project. You need:

  • Customer service that makes your experience a good one. You will want both a friendly company and one that has people that can help you like color and pre-press experts.
  • Sample kit with references to help when making decisions about paper and color choices. The samples will show you the quality of the work you can expect.
  • Enough sizes offered; not every catalog printing company will be able to accommodate every size of catalog.
  • Reasonable turnover; catalogs take longer to print than other documents, but you should expect at the most 7 business days. PrintPlace.com also offers a 1 day turnaround on catalogs.
  • Custom Trimming to get the best result possible
  • Instant pricing is a major benefit that will help you to choose a company. It is also very helpful when you are making decisions about the details of your catalog printing project.
  • Online services; many online catalog companies have lower pricing and are very convenient to order from.
  • Help preparing files to be press ready. When your printer can make this process a breeze, then you have more time to focus on other details and to perfect your design.
  • Direct mailing services are offered by some online printing companies. This service saves you time and hassle.
  • Mailing list providers will save you one more step.
  • Art file assistance so that you know what to do with your projects.

PrintPlace.com offers all of the items on this list, including top quality printing results. Visit our catalog printing page today and order a catalog that will impress your clients without the high cost.

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