Five Poster Printing and Design Principles

Poster printing is as much science as it is an art. It takes both mechanical know-how and an eye for design to develop posters that connect with an audience. David Ogilvy built the largest advertising firm of his time around the philosophy of research and art. You can benefit from the research and vast experience of David Ogilvy if you take his advice in the following areas:

Poster Graphics and pictures

The eye of the consumer almost always is drawn first to the pictures on the poster. This is a very important principle to understand as you can use this information to communicate important messages to your customers quickly. Use the pictures and graphics on your poster printing project to show your customers how they will benefit from your products and services.

Poster Captions

After the customer finds the pictures, they will typically look for captions underneath or near the picture. Again, this is important as you can use this to guide your customer. If your poster printing pictures show happy people running, and youre selling tennis shoes, use the caption to help your customer understand how the tennis shoes are benefiting the people in the picture.

Headlines and sub-headings

Next, the customer will look for headlines and subheadings to understand more detail about the subject of the custom poster. Poster printing design should always include a headline over or near copy. This will help the customer decide whether or not to read on for more information. Sub-headings help break up longer passages of copy and enable the customer to skip to points of interest.

Poster Copy

The customer will usually then begin to read the actual text or copy on your posters. This does not mean that copy is the least important aspect of poster printing and design. Instead, understand the importance of the other elements pointing the customer to your copy. This is where you give them the nitty-gritty details. Part of the details you want to include are how to contact you, so include a website and phone number at a minimum.

Professional poster printing

The best way to destroy a well-designed poster printing campaign is to try to cut costs at the printing press. If you have a very short poster printing project of fewer than 10 posters, printing them yourself may be an option. But any more than 10 posters and you should strongly consider printing with a professional. Printing companies can help you in many ways with your poster printing and design efforts, not to mention that they can save you considerable money in the long term.

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