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10 Tips to Design a Business Card that Will Land Leads

Are you marketing yourself or your business with all you've got? Every business card you hand out should be focused on creating a professional transaction. To do so, your information needs to be presented with an appropriate design. Most of the business card design basics you've probably heard over and over again; include your website; list a contact number and address; provide your name and title; display your logo. You probably know how to handle all of that already.

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It's the decisions you make with your use of color, recognizable social media icons, embedding a memorable visual design, and choosing the right paper stock and finishing options that will also make a difference.

These business card design tips will give you an effective jump-start on your next project!

  1. Use a font that echoes your company's professional personality. A font that is legible, but has a little kick of personality, will always stand out.
  2. Use symbolic colors within your design scheme or branding guidelines to compliment your overall business card look. Do you want to appeal as fresh and innovative? Powerful and dominant? Stylish and creative? Classic or modern? Choosing the right colors will make a huge difference in a recipient’s perception.
  3. Graphics sometimes speak louder than words. Pay attention to the placement and their meaning. Also, don't overload either side of your business card with photos. Be sure to balance them out.
  4. Use full bleed in your artwork layout to ensure you get a more professional piece. Keep watch of your layout guide's trim line to make sure nothing important gets cut off during the printing process.
  5. Pick your business card stock wisely. Thicker stocks tend to give an upscale and professional feel. You don't want a thin flimsy stock that will crease and tear easily. Make your impression strong and make it last!
  6. Strategically place your social media icons under your name and company title. This is where your customers and clients naturally look for more information and ways to connect to your business.
  7. Design your business cards in CMYK color so the colors will remain consistent through proofing and printing. If you have any questions regarding our proof-to-press color management, one of our helpful customer service representatives can answer your questions.
  8. Choose from gloss aqueous, matte aqueous, or high gloss UV coating for the finished look you want for your business cards. Each coating presents a different tone to your cards.
  9. Get creative and turn your business card into something more than just a way of contacting you. What is the purpose of your business? Give your clients and customers an opportunity to repurpose your business card with lines for a to-do list or notes on the back.
  10. One size doesn't fit all. Custom business card sizes, and horizontal or vertical layouts are a few ways to make yours unique.

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