Even in this day of electronic mail and texting, postcards are still popular for both advertising and keepsake purposes.

Better Photography for Your Postcards 

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Even in this day of electronic mail, messaging, and texting, postcard printing is still a popular item for both advertising and keepsake purposes. No matter the purpose for your postcards, a photograph makes for an eye-catching background. Plus, with the use of a high resolution digital camera, you can easily take your own captivating photos for postcard printing. Just make sure to follow some handy tips to ensure the best results.

Take More Than You Need  
The main key to getting a good image for postcard printing is to take lots of photos. This has been made easy, not to mention less expensive, with the advent of the digital camera. With a memory card, you can take hundreds of pictures and then review them to find exactly which images will be ideal for your postcard project. Whether you are using scenic or product images, you will be looking for the same main features in your images. Look for the best overall composition, best lighting, best clarity, and focus. 

Use Off-Center Images  
The most appealing images usually have the point of interest placed off-center. Avoid placing the horizon in the center of the image you use for your postcard printing project. Instead, look for images that have the horizon in the lower third or upper third of the image. If the subject of your image is a mountain range or ocean view, then you will probably want the horizon in the upper third of your image. If the subject of your image is an object, the horizon will generally be best suited in the lower third of the image.

Wait for the Right Lighting  
Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. When taking scenic images for postcard printing, you will want to go at the right time of day to capture the ideal light on the scene. Morning and afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky, are times when lighting is ideal. The angle of the sun at these times of day also creates intriguing shadows. Midday sun generally seems harsh in images unless it happens to be a cloudy day, so do not be afraid to experiment with cloudy day lighting.

Use Clarity Techniques  
Getting the best clarity in an image can be a challenge, especially when it comes to postcard printing. Having the right lighting will go a long way to creating a crisp, clear image. In addition, using a tripod will ensure clear images free from the slight blur that can occur with a shaky hand. Also learn the settings on your camera for close up images, portrait taking, distance, etc, for the best results. 

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