The following inspirational gallery of postcards includes excellent examples of clean and smart designs.

Postcards Inspiration Gallery

Postcards mailed directly to customers still boast one of the highest response rates for direct mail (3.4% response rate compared to the 0.12% response rate of emails). However, response rates are only as successful as the postcard’s design. The following inspirational gallery of postcards includes excellent examples of clean and smart designs and proves just how appealing a postcard can be, no matter its purpose or the company for which it is made.

While 80% of households at least browse through their advertising mail, postcards still have to be appealing enough to hook recipients. A readable layout, clear message, and a top-notch design are an important part of making sure postcards get more attention than just a glance. ensures that printing for your postcards is top-notch so that the final result looks just as stunning in print as it does in a software program.

Retro Postcard Design

This retro style postcard boasts clean graphics and a font that is unique to the 60’s.

Vintage Wedding Postcard Design

The horizontal orientation provides more room for content without clutter.

Iconic Men's Clothing Postcard Design

Cute icons are cleverly arranged like a border that helps draw the eye to the centered text.

Women's Boutique Postcard Design

Lots of text can be broken up with clever borders, lines, and different sizes or colors of fonts.

Kitchenware Store Postcard Design

This text-heavy postcard uses colored boxes, different text orientations, and several font styles to create a very appealing design that begs to be read.

Culinary Event Postcard Design

Sometimes a design that doesn’t follow industry trends is the best way to draw attention, as this postcard does with a lack of food graphics.

Women's Boutique Sale Postcard Design

The centered graphic breaks up the text, and the banner moves the eye downward toward the important details of the sale.

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