Tips When Writing a Brochure

Here are a few tips to help you get started creating brochures.

5 Easy But Powerful Tips for Creating Brochures

If you are intimidated by the idea of creating a brochure, it helps to get a proper perspective on the matter. Your brochure is meant to tell others what is so great about your business, and I feel confident that you will not have any trouble talking about your own business. There is no need to have a fancy design or prize-winning writing when brochure printing. Just make the brochure a clear statement about your business and why it is the best option. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Stay focused on your target audience so that your message will be more effective.
    A brochure should be directed to a target audience. If your message is too broad, it will lose effectiveness. Choose a specific group of people to whom you are most likely to sell your product. This will help you when you are choosing what information to put in your brochure.
  2. Use plenty of headlines and subheads and pack them with information.
    Many customers and prospects will only skim the main points of your print brochures. For this reason, make the headlines and subheadings meaningful. Put enough information in them so that your message will get across even if they don't read the body.
  3. Your cover should grab attention while presenting your offer.
    When you print brochures, keep in mind that the cover may be the only part that is read. In order to use this part of your brochure well, you need to decide what your main point is, even if it takes fifteen or more words to do so. If you have a great promotion or event, the cover is where that needs to go. Your company name and logo can take up a small portion on the bottom of the page, while your main message should should take up the majority of the cover.
  4. Make your brochure easy to read by writing in a simple concise style.
    For example, instead of writing sentences such as, "The Power Washer 6,000 is used for cleaning house siding, driveways, swimming pools, and more" write active sentences such as, "Home owners use the Power Washer 6,000 for cleaning house siding, driveways, swimming pools, and more!"
  5. Keep the design simple so that the text is supported, not overshadowed.
    When you print brochures, you may be tempted to over-design them. Try to avoid too much flourish so that you do not distract from the message. Do keep the brochure organized. Your design can help by dividing up topics with color or font sizes. Your design may also serve to draw attention to your brochure.

Be genuine about your business. If you believe in the benefits of your product, then that will come across in your writing. Most of all, have fun creating a powerful brochure and your business is sure to appeal to customers and prospects alike.

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