Mistakes to Avoid When Making Brochures

Creating print brochures can be a hassle-free process if you know what you are doing. But if you have little experience with brochure printing, there's no need to despair and give up. The following list of mistakes to avoid in your brochure design process will insure that even those will limited knowledge can have professional results.

Mistake 1: Assuming Your Designer Can Read Minds
Make sure you communicate everything you need and want with your designer. Tell the designer what you want the overall theme of the brochure to be. Describe the personality of your business, and give some samples of marketing materials you have used in the past. Tell your designer who your target audience is, and why they come to your shop.

Mistake 2: Choosing Poor Quality Paper Stock
You might be tempted to use a lower quality paper for your print brochure to save a little money, but you should resist. For one thing, better quality paper does not cost much more. The reason to use better paper is that it helps it gives people a better impression of your business.

Mistake 3: Using Too Many Images
Pictures are an essential part of a brochure. They add interest and liven it up. But if you use more than two or three pictures, the brochure can seem busy. You also do not want the pictures themselves to be cluttered up with too much stuff. Print brochures with simple designs and simple pictures have more impact because the things you want people to notice stand out instead of getting lost in the clutter.

Mistake 4: Including Too Much Information
Your print brochure should make people interested in finding out more about your business or products. You do not need to tell about everything you offer. If people open up a brochure that is full of text, they will likely just trash it. Just make three or four points in as few words as possible, and break up the text with headings and bullet points.

Mistake 5: Not Looking at a Paper Proof
Before you give the printer the go ahead to print all of your brochures, make sure you look at a paper proof. The printer will actually print out a brochure for you to look at. Then you can check one last time for errors and decide if the design is right. If you need to make changes, it will be a lot cheaper to do so at this point than it would be after all your brochures are printed out.


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