Make sure your brochures and flyers are successful in catching attention by considering these crucial factors.

How To Create Powerful Brochures and Flyers

Producing brochures and flyers is easy; making sure that they are successful in catching the attention of customers is another story entirely. And if there is one thing that you should ensure when designing your prints, it is to add a personal touch that would set yours apart from the rest. Only a few important factors need to be considered when creating the perfect brochures and flyers, and the most crucial are listed here.

One good trick to learn that will help you control how customers see your brochures and flyers is how to use font settings and art to your advantage. Skilful use of highlighting, pictures, and bold fonts will ensure that you emphasize the most important aspects of your prints without confusing the customer. Using a bigger font size and brighter colors for one group of text, for example, will let your customers focus on this before noticing anything else. Make sure, though, not to use this as a way to gloss over hurried and sloppy designs, but more of as a subtle way to guide customers through reading your print.  

There are a few different ways of folding a brochure, and while it may not be obvious, a brochure’s fold has great effect on a customer’s experience in reading. If you want to go for the simplest options, you can choose the single fold, tri-fold, or accordion brochures, and if you want even more folds you can choose from the double gate fold, double parallel, and the French fold brochure. A good tip is to know how you want your customers to read through your brochure and choose the most appropriate fold based from this.

Bigger flyersand brochures not only send the message that you have something great to offer, they would also attract attention more easily than standards sizes. The difference between an 11x17 brochure from an 11x15 flyer can be the deciding factor on whether or not you make a sale, and this makes the small additional costs worth it.

Putting in pictures in order to reinforce certain ideas is one part of the layout process that would set your print apart. Also, breaking apart the text into small groups will help keep the attention of customers long enough for them to take in everything that you have to offer with fewer chances that they will skip the most important parts. Planning the layout of flyers and brochures is not as stressful as working on a magazine or a newspaper, but it is not any less important.

The final look of your brochures, in this case, will be the packaging that will be the first—and sometimes only—indication that your customers will have on whether they will be interested or not in what you are offering. It is good to try something that breaks tradition such as unusual shapes and material, anything unique enough to spark interest without turning your customers off.

The perfect brochure and flyer is different for every person, and if you want a batch of your own, all you have to do is to make sure that you have the best combination of factors such as those listed above. Having the best prints will show people that you are the best. 

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