Get the creative juices flowing with these tips and keep your brochure in customers' hands.

Brochure Printing Layout: Tips and Ideas

Boring brochures abound.  It’s easy to see why this happens: we all get in a rut and designing interesting brochures is often the last thing on our minds.  But think about how much wasted time and money this kind of thinking can result in.  Boring brochures are sure to be thrown away by your customers, probably before even having read them.  

Brochure Design

This article is simply meant to be a sort of launching pad for ideas.  If you feel that your brochures are looking boring, try some of these ideas out.  They will probably not all be exactly what you need, but hopefully these brochure printing layout tips and ideas will at the least get your creative juices flowing.  

Add creative elements  

  • Choose shapes that are relevant to your brochure’s message for bullet points
  • Put your text box into a unique shape
  • Make the first letter of each paragraph abnormally large
  • Use a squiggly separator line between text elements
  • Make the last period of a paragraph or section the company’s logo
  • Put a large picture on the background 

Creative colors  

  • Use a color wheel to determine colors that contrast and use these colors together
  • Put geometric shapes and the background with contrasting colors
  • Try putting the same geometric shape in a group, but slightly change the hue of each one
  • Remove all background and other imagery and see what your brochure looks like with a lot of white space

Creative layout  

  • Combine all of your text elements into one leaving the rest of the page blank for white space
  • If you have three main points, consider using a tri-fold brochure where each page is one point
  • If you have your main ideas separated vertically, switch them around to be horizontal, and vice versa
  • Try enlarging your images of products and people, and making the text smaller

Hopefully these ideas will help you break up the monotony of brochure printing layout and design.  The goal here is to push you out of your box in the hopes that maybe you will stumble onto some ideas that can make your brochures more visually interesting.

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