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What To Do When Promoting Your Brand With Memo Pads

Promotional items are a must for any business that wants to increase brand recognition and improve customer satisfaction. Memo pads are definitely one promo that companies should add to their collection. Their versatility and usefulness make them a give-away that customers will actually appreciate; customers can use them to make grocery lists at home or to jot down notes in the office.

Not only are they useful, memo pads also keep your brand in front of customers on a regular basis, especially if your clients enjoy your design enough to keep them on their desks. The more that customers view your brand, the more likely it is that they will think of you when they need your products or services.

Design Tips
Make sure that your memo pads are appealing yet practical enough for daily use by following these tips:
  • Place information and graphics along top, bottom, or sides.
  • Limit the size of graphics and amount of information to leave enough room for notes.
  • Print in color to make your memo pads more appealing.
  • Order different formats, large/ small sizes or with/ without lines, to give customers a choice.
  • Include your logo.
  • Use fonts and colors that you normally use for your brand.
  • Include the easiest forms of contact, such as your phone number and website address.
  • Use a white or light colored background so that penciled notes are visible.

Distribution Tips
Your memo pads can be successfully distributed in a number of ways:
  • Give away memo pads with online orders of a certain price range.
  • Send memo pads during holidays as a thank you to loyal customers.
  • Place memo pads in gift baskets.
  • Give them away at trade shows and other promotional events.
  • Ask other businesses with your same target market to place your memo pads on their front desk.
  • Place memo pads on your front desk.

For a promotional item that appeals to customers while making your brand visible, choose memo pads. Remember that with PrintPlace.com, you get the highest quality full color, full bleed printing at the lowest price online. So order your memo pads today to see what they can do for your brand.

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