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The Elements to Designing Unique Business Cards

Unique business cards are your chance to make an impression, to stand out from the competition. Potential clients will have a hard time forgetting yourbusiness card design if it keeps you from being another face that blends into the crowd. You want to keep a nice balance between being creative, unique, and professional. There are new players emerging every day, and people are more likely to read and keep a card that grabs their attention. People who keep your business cards are more likely to use your products or services.

If you need some help getting those creative juices flowing, here are a few tips on printing unique business cards.

Die-cut Shapes

Unique shapes are an easy way to distinguish your cards. Square business cards provide extra room for designs or additional information. Foldover business cards offer double the real-estate of a traditional rectangle, providing clients with twice as much valuable information. Consider rounding the corners of your business cards to create a shape that is subtly different. A triangle shape is a bit more of an extreme shape for your business cards. Such a striking shape is sure to command attention.

Business Card Size

Playing with the scale of your cards will certainly catch a potential client's eye; however, you want to be careful when changing the size of your business cards. If your business card is too large, it becomes cumbersome and difficult for both you and clients to store. If it is too small, it can easily be lost forever leaving potential clients racking their brains for that amazing business's information.


Colors are a great option when you want your business card designs to stand out. Changing the size or shape of your cards can affect your cost. With color, you get the biggest impact at the most affordable price. High quality color can be more eye-pleasing than drastic size changes or funky shapes. One bright, solid color is both sophisticated and unique.

Unique Ideas

If changes in color, size, or shape are starting to seem daunting, one surefire way to create a unique business card is to make the content on your card unique. Humor is cheap and reliable. Clients won't forget a business that brings a smile to their face. Offering an interesting fact or some small tidbit of useful information on the back of the business card is also a great way to grab a client’s attention.

Unique yet unexpected fonts are another cost effective way to add interest and create unique business cards.

Any type of business is sure to benefit from an eye-catching unique business card design. There's nothing better than handing a potential client a card that causes them to do a double-take. If all the options for unique business cards are starting to seem overwhelming, just go through this list and pick out one option from each category. Play around with the various choices to see which one will create a business card that works well with your business.

We offer free quotes for any business card designs, so get creative. If you're not sure how to get started, we are here to help print your business cards.

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